How to Train for Any Distance

OK, let’s start with the basics. Whichever distance you’re aiming for, and wherever you are on the running curve, you’ll need to dial in on some key fundamentals. The first of which is: take it slow. “Ultimately, you want a smooth, coordinated stride,” says Chris Johnson, a Seattle-based physical therapist, performance coach, and educator. “Part of that is understanding how to control yourself on each leg,” he says. An easy way to translate that advice into action is to keep your pace conversational.

Johnson also likes to see runners, well, run. “All training plans should be 80 to 90 percent

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A New Theory for Unexplained Whitewater Deaths

There are plenty of ways to die on a whitewater river, most of which are well understood. You can get trapped underwater by the branches of a downed tree, pinned in the sieve between two boulders, or stuck in the swirling flow of a hydraulic. You can bang your head on a rock, fracture your spine, or have a heart attack. But a substantial fraction of whitewater deaths don’t fit into any of those categories. They’re colloquially referred to as “flush drownings,” and no one is entirely sure why they happen.

A new paper in Wilderness & Environmental Medicine,

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2020: The Year Push-Ups Were First Invented

Great coaches and trainers don’t steal. They just take something that was already there and name it after themselves. Yoga too pagan-y for you then, how about mobility? Circuit training too YMCA-y for you then how about CrossFit? Dancing too dance-y for you then how about Zumba? CrossFit too CrossFit-y for you then how about F45? We could go on forever because it does go on forever.


During the Great Pandemic of 2020, however, coaches and trainers have been left in the dust by one simple invention that seemingly came out of nowhere. No barbells, no problem. No dumbbells, no

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DIY Beast Mode Gear: How to Build Your Own Barbell

There have been plenty of challenges living for the past six years as an American in Japan. First of all, finding shoes my size is a challenge at best and damn near impossible at worst. Finding t-shirts that don’t choke me while not simultaneously being covered in non-sensical (or at least grammatically incorrect) English is another. And let’s not even get into trying to find a decent steak.


But I digress, this article is about do-it-yourself (DIY) beast mode gear. Almost a year ago, I started my own gym in my town, and am the proud owner of one

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