An Open Letter to CrossFit

An Open Letter to CrossFit My name is Greg Walsh. I started involvement with CrossFit in 2003, and was a member, coach, and supervisor of CrossFit Lengthy Seashore until 2008 when I returned to my hometown of Rochester, NY.   In 2008 I started Wolf Brigade, and we have been […]

Keys to Monitor An Athlete’s Workload

Efficient teaching programs are launched on layers of intricate organizing, preparation, and implementation. It is not adequate to just throw a template system at a group of athletes and stroll away in hopes that soon after 8 months, they will somehow magically enhance. Coaches ought to just take the time […]

The Bleeding Hearts of CrossFit Affiliates

Let us simply call bullsh*t on the newfound perception in social justice sweeping via CrossFit affiliate marketers. CrossFit’s superior college musical of dysfunction stopped becoming interestimng years ago.   Several of the authentic enthuasiast have moved on or been cowed into slience or indifference. And what’s left is people today […]