6 Simple Moves to Boost Your Upper-Body Power

Muscular power—the product of drive and velocity—is a single of the most vital conditioning traits, but it’s often misunderstood and neglected, clarifies Alex Bunt, a human-efficiency specialist for Pink Bull (and ski racer Lindsey Vonn’s own trainer up until finally her retirement). Developing muscular power is much more nuanced than regular strength coaching, but that […]

What’s the Minimum Dose of Training to Stay Fit?

My university coach applied to assign us a 7 days of full relaxation each November, right after the summary of the cross-place time. But one particular of my teammates, an exercising science college student, learned the study of Robert Hickson, who did some typical reports in the early 1980s on […]

The Psychology of Racing Versus Pacing

A calendar year in the past, when the thought of a “virtual race” appeared like a novel thought alternatively than a ill joke, I wrote about a analyze that explored the psychological distinctions concerning solo time trials and head-to-head races. A important observation: effort and hard work (how quick or […]

Best Home Rowing Machines of 2021

Seeking for a full-overall body workout that benefits your ticker, tones your muscle mass, torches significant energy, and goes effortless on joints? Then it is time to befriend the humble-however-mighty rowing machine—the lower-effect workout we could all pay for to do additional generally. Under, the ideal rowing devices of 2021 […]