Why Thinking About Death Makes Us Happier

In the United States, we hardly ever feel about death—especially our personal loss of life. And when we do, it tends to make us sad and awkward. But there are effective gains to on a regular basis contemplating the point that our time in this environment will inevitably come to […]

How to Fix Fallen Arches

Our bodies are a bit like properties: the physical composition is frequently resisting gravity. Now, think about a skyscraper with a collapsed foundation—it’s not just the ground flooring that are compromised: the complete architecture is at stake. Our feet and ankles are our basis, and weaknesses here can guide to a […]

Running Toward a More Equitable Future

At the 1928 Olympic game titles in Amsterdam, fake experiences that five rivals had collapsed in the course of the women’s 800-meter occasion (a single runner fell at the end) prompted a conclusion that gravely affected the long term of women’s running participation. “It was so off-putting to folks to […]