5 Practical Gifts for Family Members

Regardless of the occasion, it always seems like family members are difficult to shop for. And with many holidays right around the corner, in addition to the usual birthdays, anniversaries, and other celebrations, this can make many of us feel stressed or overwhelmed about picking the right gift. How do you select gifts that are perfect for each family member? Do you need to be looking at other pages for inspiration and ideas?

If you have always struggled with finding good gifts for your family, you’re in the right place to walk away with a few ideas. So instead of giving your mother another journal she doesn’t need, giving your cousins toys and stuffed animals they don’t want, or writing an awkward card to your grandparents, allow us to help. We recommend giving your family practical gifts, so please continue reading for our favorite practical gift ideas.

1: Wrap Up an Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier to Stay Healthy

Do you ever notice how dry the air gets, especially during autumn and winter? Especially if you or one of your family members has asthma or gets colds relatively frequently, we recommend trying something like the ultrasonic cool mist humidifier. A humidifier, such as the ultrasonic cool mist humidifier, is perfect if you need help feeling hydrated and healthy during the drier months. You may even find yourself using it and benefiting all year round.

An ultrasonic cool mist humidifier may help reduce nose bleeds, nasal congestion, chapped lips, dry throat, and many other symptoms related to low humidity. A humidifier may also help keep your skin moisturized and hydrated more easily, making itchy or dry skin less prominent and lowering the odds of an acne breakout. Do any of these describe someone you know? We suggest you give the ultrasonic cool mist humidifier a try.

2: Give a Projector for Perfect Family Movie Nights

Is one of your favorite family members a movie junkie? Or is one of your loved ones really into sweet and unique experiences? If either is true, we suggest you gift them a projector. Movie projectors, including those sold on a smaller scale for at-home use, are a great way to make movie nights feel intimate and special. They also make an excellent excuse for getting cozy on the floor or couch with some snacks and popcorn. Can we hear you say family bonding?

3: Personalize Some Cozy Slippers to Keep the Family Warm

Speaking of keeping warm, one of the most comfortable and practical ways to do this is to gift your family some cozy house slippers. And if you want to add a little personalization or flair to your gift, don’t be afraid to splurge and get them personalized. This can be as simple as getting “mom,” “dad,” “sis,” “bro,” or anything else onto the slippers. Or, if you think your family would prefer, you can always get everyone’s names added to these comfy and warm house slippers.

4: Remember Birthdays With a Cute Calendar

Depending on the size of your family, we’re willing to bet that someone’s birthday is always right around the corner. But it’s difficult to remember all of them until social media or a phone notification reminds you that someone’s birthday is today. That makes it pretty challenging to plan gift shopping, especially if you tend to forget when your favorite cousin was born.

Whether this is you or your forgetful aunt, we recommend getting a cute hanging calendar with space for names and birthdays. Instead of a typical square calendar, you can insert names and birth dates below the birth month, almost like a checklist. This is something you can use year after year, allowing you to fill up your regular calendar in advance and remember to go birthday shopping before celebration day.

5: Use an Ancestry Kit to Learn About Your Heritage

If you want to get closer to your family or better understand your heritage, invest in an ancestry kit. Many of these are circulating the internet, but they all do the same thing: tell you about your racial and ethnic origins based on a DNA sample you provide. If you and your family want to learn more about yourselves, this is a fantastic way to get started. Once results come back, you can dive deep into learning about cultural traditions and embrace a new sense of community.


If you have difficulty shopping for your family members, you’re certainly not alone. Finding good gifts can be surprisingly tricky, so we want to help you narrow down some great-quality, practical gifts your family will love. If you need some good ideas or inspiration for gifts, we hope you found our suggestions helpful!

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