8 Ways To Celebrate Mother’s Day 

8 ways to celebrate Mother's Day in lockdown | All4Women


Mothers are the perfect gift from god to us and this is a fact that cannot be denied. Mothers are always ready to sacrifice everything for their children, husband, parents and are always available for those who need her. From raising us as kids to supporting every step of life, mothers play the major part in our lives and make it worth living. With the emotional support, care, affection and love  who would have been able to survive in this harsh world! Mother’s Day is celebrated all around the world to thank all the brave and wonderful mothers in the world and to let them know that they hold a special place in our lives and in our hearts. There is nothing at all that we can do to thank our mothers for whatever they have done for us, but we can surely make this Mother’s day a memorable one so that they always cherish this day in her life. Here are some amazing ways  in which you can celebrate Mother’s Day and make it a special and memorable one for your mom.


Take Her To Her Favourite Place: Whether it is a park in the city or a viewpoint that she always heads to whenever she requires some relaxation, make this day a special one for her by taking her to her favourite spot around the city and spend hours with her here chatting and sharing food. Nothing is more special for a mom than her kids spending time with her and giving her all the attention in the world. This will not only make her feel good but also give her relaxation after so many  days.


Enjoy A Dinner Date: Surprise your mother with a dinner date to her favourite restaurant. Leave her a date note on the bed with a beautiful dress that she can wear for the evening and let her know that you will be waiting for her. Escort her to her favourite restaurant and order everything of her choice from her favourite appetizers to her favourite main course and dessert. She will surely love the special treatment and enjoy every moment of it.


Relieve Her From The Kitchen: Your mother surely deserves a day off from the kitchen on this day and therefore the least you can do for her on this day is to relieve her from all the kitchen and house duties for the day and instead you take them up for her. From cleaning the dishes to making food for the family, let your mom relax and spend her leisure time the way she wants while you take up all her duties for a day.


Decorate Her Room: The least you can do to make your mom feel special this Mother’s Day is to decorate her room with beautiful flowers and keep a scented candle in her room. Start with changing the bedsheets and the rugs and then go on to placing her favourite flowers by the bedside, some plants that you got for her, a beautiful note on the bed along with some sweet treats that will surely make her day. You can also get a beautiful wall hanging for her or an adorable dreamcatcher and place it over her bed.


Give Her A Surprise Present: Surprises are the best way to make someone feel special and loved and therefore do not forget to give your mother a surprise present on this special day. You can choose from a wide range of gifts  available both offline and online and choose among adorable jewellery pieces, personalised lamps, watches,  photo frames, beautiful handbags, makeup and a variety of things that you think your mom will surely love. Do not forget to compliment your gift with a customised Mother’s Day cake and flowers that will add all the missing charm to her day.


Prepare Homemade Meals For Her: You surely know what is your mother’s favourite food from her favourite options for breakfast to dinner, plan the day accordingly and treat her to her favourite homemade meals. Prepare her a lavish breakfast followed by a delicious lunch and a wholesome dinner that she will always remember. Ensure that you prepare everything in advance to avoid any last minute hassle for your plan to execute well.


Take Her To A Spa Session: A soothing day full of relaxation and relief is what your mom has always been yearning for and therefore present her with a spa session where she can pamper herself for a day and rejuvenate her body and mind. Offer her a package that includes different massages from head massage, shoulder massage and also foot massage and let her spend the day in pure bliss.


There are many ways in which you can make your mom feel happy and special Mother’s Day as even your smallest gesture will make her day an amazing one.

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