Basil Hayden Toast: New Bourbon Made of Brown Rice

Bourbon mashbills are constantly dominated by corn—at bare minimum, fifty one percent—with rye or wheat as the normal backing grains, and a little malted barley as effectively. At times all 4 grain types may possibly element, or the mashbill might include malted rye or a specialty malt in addition to malted barley. But the hottest bourbon from Basil Hayden incorporates a pretty strange grain selection: brown rice. The new expression is termed Basil Hayden Toast. It features a toasted barrel finish, one thing that’s grow to be much more popular amid bourbon distillers in the latest years.



All bourbon is aged in new charred oak barrels, which presents the whiskey its characteristic wood-ahead flavors like vanilla and caramel. Applying a toasted barrel for secondary maturation yields sweeter flavors, as toasting delivers out much more sugars from the oak.

The core Basil Hayden bourbon is produced with a substantial-rye mashbill—63 per cent corn, 27 per cent rye, and ten per cent malted barley—but the new release substitutes brown rice for rye in an undisclosed amount of money. The liquid is to begin with aged in amount 4 char barrels, with a portion finished in the toasted barrels, then blended again in with the core brown rice bourbon. The proportions of the blend are also undisclosed but avid followers might recognize an added sweetness and milder spice character in Basil Hayden Toast.

This isn’t the to start with foray into brown rice bourbon for the James B. Beam Distilling Organization, whose Clermont, Kentucky, distillery makes Basil Hayden. In 2014, Jim Beam produced an 11-calendar year-outdated brown rice bourbon as aspect of its Signature Craft line. According to eighth-era distiller Freddie Noe, who designed Basil Hayden Toast, the distillery ongoing making the brown rice mashbill right after that minimal edition—and he might be making use of much more of the liquid in an upcoming release. (Our money’s on the upcoming batch of Very little E-book, Noe’s once-a-year blend that showcases exceptional liquids from the Beam warehouses.) Noe’s purpose with Basil Hayden Toast was to have on the legacy of bourbon discovery begun by his grandfather, master distiller Booker Noe.

Basil Hayden Toast is a new, lasting expression for the lineup, and debuts with an up to date seem: Absent is the crinkly foil cap, changed by a spiffy picket topper and gold-embossed neck label. The monogrammed “belt” that recalls barrel hoops has also gotten a makeover, with a wider copper band than prior to. And the whiskey’s actual name has been tweaked—from Basil Hayden’s, with an apostrophe-s, to merely Basil Hayden. The new name and aesthetic will be rolling out throughout the lineup in the coming months.

Concurrent with the launch of Basil Hayden Toast, the model is functioning a contest with style studio Fort Regular. A person winner will be selected to amount up their household leisure match with a tailor made oak household bar. Fascinated followers really should follow @basilhaydens on Instagram for facts on how to enter.

Meanwhile, if you’re looking to pick up a bottle of Basil Hayden Toast, it’s hitting cabinets now, priced at $fifty. A person thing has not adjusted: Like all whiskies in the Basil Hayden selection, viewed as the suitable “starter bourbon” amid Beam’s Tiny Batch Assortment, it’s bottled at a mild 40 per cent ABV.

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