Best Stretches to Do After a Run, According to a Physical Therapist

If you run routinely, you are no stranger to limited, sore muscular tissues and the occasional harm. In addition to typical strength instruction coupled with appropriate nutrition and rest, the proper stretches soon after a run can assistance your muscular tissues interesting down and get all set for your up coming work out.



Even with well known belief, there isn’t a lot of research that supports stretching in advance of a run, in accordance to actual physical therapist Corey Rovzar, Ph.D. In some situations, it can actually influence performance.

“Stretching soon after a run is great, even though, because you’ve already put in those miles and it is much more of a restoration,” suggests Rovzar. “It need to usually be carried out carefully. Just a awesome, gentle stretch that need to experience superior and assistance help those muscular tissues as they interesting down a bit.”

In this article are Rovzar’s favourite publish-run stretches, with finer points on how to improve each and every.

one. Kneeling Hip Flexor Extend

“The most important limitation I usually see with runners is hip-flexor tightness, and the influence it has on their working kind,” Rovzar suggests. “This stretch helps you get the hip extension you need to have when working.”

  1. Start out with proper knee on the ground and remaining knee ahead in a lunge place.
  2. Holding higher human body straight, lean ahead with hips right until you experience a stretch.
  3. Maintain for 20-30 seconds, then swap sides.
thread the needle

two. Thread the Needle

“Any training which is going to increase thoracic mobility, which is your higher back again, is essential because when you run, you want your torso to rotate,” Rovzar suggests. “You never want that rotation to all come from your hips. That just would make you much more prone to harm, and your hips will overcompensate if your thoracic spine does not have the mobility.”

  1. Start out on the ground on all fours and make a tabletop place with your body—hips need to be directly earlier mentioned knees. Elbows, shoulders, and wrists need to be in a straight line, perpendicular to the ground.
  2. Acquire proper arm and thread it under remaining arm, rotating torso to the remaining.
  3. Relaxation proper shoulder and temple on the flooring.
  4. Keep remaining arm straight and prolong it overhead, with palm facing down.
  5. Maintain for 30 seconds (or lengthier), then swap sides.
seated hamstring

3. Seated Hamstring Extend

“In common, with working, your hamstrings and complete backside (posterior chain) are susceptible to having limited because those muscular tissues are having used a lot. So, if you can get those hamstrings a minimal much more limber, it can assistance with the feeling of tightness.”

 Sit on the flooring and prolong your proper leg in entrance of you.

  1. Bend remaining leg, with knee from the flooring and remaining foot resting from the inside of of your proper thigh.
  2. Keeping onto proper foot, bend ahead at waistline when retaining back again straight.
  3. Maintain for 30 seconds, then swap sides.
quad stretch

four. Quad Extend

“Downhills are challenging on quads because the breaking system will work them a ton. If your quads are super limited, it improves the pressure that goes through the knee, which can usually guide to pain or irritation, so you want to preserve superior adaptability by retaining your quads awesome and limber.”

 Standing as straight as possible, get your proper foot and raise it up at the rear of you.

  1. Carefully pull heel in towards butt to experience the stretch. Think about retaining your knee close in, not winged out.
  2. Maintain for 15-30 seconds and then swap sides.

5. Calf Extend

“Calves, related to the hamstrings, are element of that posterior chain and actually acquire on seven periods the pressure of your human body fat when you are working. Calves are usually neglected from a strength perspective—it’s a large offer to present those calves some really like because they genuinely are the workhorse.”

 Stand on the edge of a curb, stairs, or an training action, with your heels handing off the edge.

  1. Start off by growing up onto toes (keep onto a wall or railing for balance).
  2. Gradually lower heels below the action.
  3. Do 3 sets of 15—this will each stretch and strengthen the calves.

*Really do not have accessibility to steps or a ledge? Stand in a staggered stance in entrance of a wall. With each ft flat on the ground, shift your fat onto the back again foot right until you experience a stretch through that leg’s calf. Switch soon after 30 sec.

seated twist stretch

six. Seated Hip & IT Band Extend

“The IT Band is rather prone to having limited, specially when persons tend to overcompensate by utilizing their quad/IT band rather of their glutes. Coupling the IT band stretching with some glute strengthening can go a extended way, specially with persons who tend to have IT tightness or outer knee pain.”

  1. Sit on the flooring with legs prolonged out.
  2. Cross proper leg above remaining and bend knee so that proper foot rests flat on the flooring.
  3. Rotate human body to search above proper shoulder right until you experience a stretch.
  4. Maintain for 30 seconds and then swap sides.
Pigeon Pose
Courtesy of Lululemon

7. Pigeon Extend

“This type of goes along with that calf and hamstring posterior chain intricate, wherever your glutes are operating challenging and prone to tightness, specially if you are accomplishing a lot of uphill working. Stretching your glutes is superior to preserve mobility and just tranquil issues down soon after a challenging run.”

  1. Start out on all fours and prolong remaining leg out at the rear of you, with hips facing ahead.
  2. Bend proper knee with shin resting on the flooring.
  3. Gradually wander arms ahead and lean into the stretch for 5-ten seconds.
  4. Switch sides and repeat.

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