Body Recomposition – Just Because You Can Doesn’t Mean You Should


Concurrently attaining muscle and losing excess fat is the holy grail for most gymnasium-goers. It’s identified in the conditioning business as physique recomposition.



Human body recomposition is a polarizing subject among authorities. Some say it’s unachievable for expert lifters. Others will tell you it’s the most effective way to attain your goals.


Q. What is the Reality?

A. Spoiler alert: You can do it, but that does not imply you ought to test.


In this episode, I explain that recomposition is attainable, but it is incredibly difficult, and most folks who test will are unsuccessful.



I explain the 5 situations the place recomposition is the most effective method for you.


Outside of these situations, you can do it, but your margin for error is smaller sized. If you really do not get every thing just suitable, you will pretty much definitely are unsuccessful in recomping.


Hear to the episode to decide how the three elements decide if recomposition is an smart target for you.


After we have established that you are a very good candidate for recomposition, I define the top ten coaching and nutrition strategies you need to use to maximize your chances of results.


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