COVID-19 symptoms: MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia

Some signs and symptoms of COVID-19 are equivalent to people of the popular cold and the flu, so it can be hard to know for certain if you have the virus. But COVID-19 is not a cold, and it is not a flu.

The only way to know if you have COVID-19 is to be tested. If you want to be tested, you really should contact your wellness treatment provider. You can also take a look at your condition or local wellness department’s web-site. This will give you the newest local direction on tests.

Most men and women with the health issues have mild to reasonable signs and symptoms and recuperate absolutely. Whether you get tested or not, if you have signs and symptoms of COVID-19, you really should keep away from contact with other men and women so you don’t spread the health issues.

The United States Centers for Condition Manage and Prevention (CDC) and Entire world Wellbeing Organization (WHO) look at COVID-19 a significant community wellness risk. For the most up-to-day information and info about COVID-19, you can take a look at the next web-sites:

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