Ongoing favourable airway stress (CPAP) remedy is a frequent remedy for obstructive snooze apnea. A CPAP machine employs a hose related to a mask or nosepiece to supply continual and constant air stress to help you breathe whilst you snooze.

Typical problems with CPAP include a leaky mask, trouble slipping asleep, a stuffy nose and a dry mouth.

But if a CPAP mask or machine will not get the job done for you, you have other choices. And most CPAP masks can be adjusted to help make them much more relaxed.

Right here are 10 frequent CPAP problems and what you can do about them:

1. The wrong measurement or model CPAP mask

Work intently with your health and fitness care company and the CPAP supplier to make sure you have a CPAP mask that matches properly. Men and women have distinct encounter styles, so the proper mask model and measurement for an individual else may well not get the job done for you.

  • Attempt a distinct mask. A selection of CPAP masks is obtainable. For example, some attribute comprehensive encounter masks that deal with your mouth and nose, with straps that extend across your brow and cheeks. These may well make some people experience claustrophobic, but they get the job done well if you prefer to breathe by your mouth during snooze. They also provide a secure healthy if you go about a large amount in your snooze.

    Other masks attribute nasal pillows that healthy below your nose and straps that deal with fewer of your encounter. These can experience fewer cumbersome.

    Nasal pillows may well get the job done well if you don eyeglasses or examine with the mask on, because some really don’t block your eyes as substantially as comprehensive encounter masks do. However, this mask model may well not be an option if you go about a large amount in your snooze or snooze on your facet.

  • Pay attention to measurement. Most masks occur in distinct measurements. Just because you happen to be a selected measurement in just one mask will not necessarily mean you will be the identical measurement in yet another. CPAP masks are ordinarily adjustable.

    Inquire your physician or CPAP supplier to show you how to change your mask to get the greatest healthy. Maker solution guidance also can help show you how to do this. A properly fitting mask shouldn’t be awkward or bring about discomfort.

2. Trouble acquiring employed to carrying the CPAP mask

Very first, check out carrying just the CPAP mask for short intervals of time whilst you happen to be awake — for example, whilst looking at Tv. Then check out carrying the mask and hose with the machine turned on during the day whilst you happen to be awake.

The moment you get employed to how that feels, start out working with the CPAP machine each time you snooze — including during naps. Only working with the CPAP machine each now and then may well delay acquiring employed to it. Adhere with it for numerous weeks or much more to see if your mask and stress are proper for you.

three. Difficulty tolerating forced air

You may well be equipped to triumph over this by working with a machine with a “ramp” attribute. This environment will allow you to start out with small air stress. The machine then routinely and slowly and gradually improves the air stress to your prescribed environment as you fall asleep. Your physician can change its amount.

If this attribute will not help, discuss with your physician about changing to a machine that routinely and consistently adjusts the stress whilst you happen to be sleeping. An example is a bi-degree favourable airway stress (BPAP) machine that delivers much more stress when you breathe in (inhale) and fewer when you breathe out (exhale).

four. Dry, stuffy nose

Verify to make sure your mask matches well. A leaky mask can dry out your nose. If you have to tighten the straps normally to prevent air leakage, the mask does not healthy properly.

A CPAP machine that functions a heated humidifier, which attaches to the air stress machine, can help. You can change the degree of humidification. Employing a nasal saline spray at bedtime also can help relieve a dry, stuffy nose.

five. Experience claustrophobic

Practice working with your mask whilst you happen to be awake. Very first, just maintain it up to your encounter without the need of any of the other parts. The moment you happen to be relaxed with that, check out carrying the mask with the straps.

Up coming, check out keeping the mask with the hooked up hose on your encounter, without the need of working with the straps. Change on the CPAP machine, probably with the ramp attribute turned on. Up coming, do this working with the straps way too. Finally, check out sleeping with the mask and machine on.

Leisure exercise routines, such as progressive muscle rest, may well help lessen anxiousness connected to CPAP use.

If you happen to be nonetheless emotion claustrophobic, discuss to your physician or CPAP supplier. It may well help to get a distinct measurement mask or check out a distinct model, such as just one that employs nasal pillows.

6. Leaky mask, skin irritation or stress sores

A leaky or an ill-fitting mask signifies you happen to be not acquiring the comprehensive air stress you will need, and you may well be annoying your skin. The mask can also direct air into your eyes, leading to them to come to be dry or teary.

Attempt modifying pads and straps to get a better healthy. If the mask matches over your nose, make sure it will not sit way too superior on the bridge of your nose, which can direct air into your eyes.

You may well will need to inquire your CPAP supplier to help you obtain a distinct measurement mask, notably if your fat has improved a large amount. Or check out a distinct model mask such as just one that employs nasal pillows. If you establish skin deterioration or sores, such as on your nose, convey to your physician instantly.

7. Difficulty slipping asleep

Wearing the mask by itself for some time during the day may well help you get employed to how it feels and make it simpler to fall asleep at evening.

Devices with the ramp attribute that slowly and gradually and gradually maximize the air stress to your prescribed stress environment as you fall asleep may well make you much more relaxed at bedtime.

Subsequent good general snooze routines also is beneficial. Work out frequently and stay away from caffeine and liquor just before bedtime. Attempt to unwind. For example, just take a warm bathtub just before you go to mattress. Do not go to mattress until finally you happen to be weary.

eight. Dry mouth

If you breathe by your mouth at evening or snooze with your mouth open up, some CPAP equipment may well worsen dry mouth. A chin strap may well help retain your mouth closed and lessen the air leak if you don a nasal mask.

A machine with a comprehensive encounter mask that addresses your mouth and nose also may well get the job done well for you. A CPAP-heated humidifier that attaches to the air stress machine also may well help.

9. Unintentionally eliminating the CPAP mask during the evening

It is really not uncommon to at times wake up to obtain that you have taken out the mask in your snooze. If you go a large amount in your snooze, you may well obtain that a comprehensive encounter mask will keep on your encounter better. You may well have taken out your mask whilst sleeping because you ended up awkward. Take into account attempting a distinct sort of mask that may well healthy you better.

You may well be pulling off the mask because your nose is congested. If so, guaranteeing a good mask healthy and including a CPAP-heated humidifier may well help. A chin strap may well help retain the mask on your encounter.

If this is a consistent problem, take into consideration environment an alarm for a time during the evening so you can test whether the mask is nonetheless on. You could progressively established the alarm for later in the evening if you obtain that you happen to be holding the mask on for a longer period.

10. Bothersome sounds

Most new models of CPAP equipment are almost silent. But if you obtain that your machine’s sounds is bothersome, initially test to make sure the machine’s air filter is clean and unblocked. A thing in its way may well worsen sounds. Inquire your physician or CPAP supplier how to properly clean your mask and hose.

If this will not help, have your physician or CPAP supplier test the machine to make certain it truly is working properly. If the machine is working appropriately and the sounds nonetheless bothers you, check out carrying earplugs or working with a white sounds seem machine to mask the sounds. Putting the CPAP machine as considerably away from the mattress as probable also may well help make any machine sounds fewer recognizable. Inquire your physician or CPAP supplier if added tubing is obtainable and proper for your machine.

Time and persistence are vital to achievement

Employing a CPAP machine can be irritating as you check out to get employed to it, but it truly is significant that you adhere with it. The remedy is critical to avoiding troubles of obstructive snooze apnea, such as heart problems and abnormal daytime sleepiness.

Work with your physician and CPAP supplier to make certain the greatest mask healthy and product for you. Normal visits to your snooze physician are significant and can help troubleshoot any problems and change settings, if essential. It can just take a whilst to obtain the appropriate settings and get employed to the mask.

With time and persistence, CPAP can positively impact your excellent of existence and health and fitness.


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