Does Vidalista 40 mg make you bigger?

Vidalista is a medicine meant to treat erectile dysfunctionality in men. Erectile related problems have caused major issues in man’s sexual life and devoid them of any pleasureful experiences. 

What is erectile dysfunction?

The persistent inability to achieve or maintain an erection firm enough to have sexual intercourse is termed as erectile dysfunction. It causes a man’s inability to penetrate or be able to penetrate subside taking a toll on his sexual life.  It causes the male counterpart to not be able to penetrate or prepare himself for the same due to loss or insufficient erection in the penis.

Working principle of the medicine

It primarily works by blocking the phosphodiesterase 5 (PDE5). PDE5 is responsible for breaking down the cGMP a cyclic nucleotide which acts as a secondary messenger and likely activate the protein kinases in response to external cell surface. It relaxes the muscles around the genital areas by preventing the PDE5 and further increases the amount of cGMP (cyclic guanosine monophosphate) which improves the blood flow in the blood vessels and boosts the erectility.

Procedure for intake of medicine

Because this Vidalista 40 is meant to improve the sexual activity it must be consumed before the process takes place. The ideal timing for it should be 45 minutes to an hour prior to the sexual indulgence. It must be consumed well within the range of being aroused so that the medicine starts to support the erectile functionality. 


This medicine is readily available in the shops locally. It can also be found in varying measure of dosage on the online and offline stores. These medicines are generic in nature; hence availability of such medicines is never an issue.

Side effects

Some of the most occurred side effects of the medicine are:

Nauseated feeling

lightheaded feeling

bleeding from the nose


flushing of the skin

There might also be some rare side effects visible with patients of underlying conditions or in case of an overdosage:

pain in the chest

pain in the muscles or back

vision impairment (it might lead to some blurriness in the vision making it quite difficult to see things clearly)


breathing difficulty


Hearing loss (in extreme cases ringing sound or complete hearing loss can be seen. These cases although are very rare to witness or occur in patients with an already prevailing medical condition)


This drug does not in any from prevents the person from sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV, AIDs etc. It is only meant to treat erectile dysfunctionalities which effects people’s sexual performances. Consuming this medication for the purposes of having a safe sex is a wrong assumption. It also might lead the person to contracting some real sexually transmitted disease in the process under the vague understanding of the medicine’s purpose.

It is always suggested that two or more Vidalista 40mg with the same salt and active ingredient must not be taken. You might suffer from an overdose or prominent side effects. It is always recommendable to consult your doctor regarding the already running medicines to get an overview of what you can or cannot consume while on medication. A list of certain salts or medicines that must be avoided during the medication alongside Vidalista 40 are: 

Erythromycin (a drug category of anti-biotic)

Primary alpha inhibitors

Anti-fungal medicines

Other medicines for erectile dysfunction

Anti-coagulants (medicines for blood thinning, prevent or reduce coagulation of blood, prolonging the clotting time)

Alcohol consumption must be strictly avoided. The Cialis Vidalista 40mg tablet tends to not work well with alcoholic content inside your body as it interferes with the medicine’s working principle. It might also make you dizzy as it tampers with your blood pressure lowering the effect of the medication.

Patients with already prevailing allergies or medication must first inform the doctor before continuing with the medication.

Over dosage

The patient must strictly adhere to the recommended dosage and not consume anything more than the prescribed amount. It is possible that the patient might develop severe side effects due to overdosage.

In case of any overdosage the patient is required to immediately contact any medical professional and seek help or advice. It is mostly preferable to visit a nearby medical facility in case of any prominent symptoms that occur in the patient.