High-Frequency Fat Loss – What I Learned in Lockdown

As I arrived to terms with the realities of staying in lockdown I wanted to arrive up with approaches to assist my shoppers preserve going to their ambitions. I determined to take the time at house as an possibility to get rid of some system excess fat.


Definitely reasonable dietary decisions ended up likely to be vital to this, but with my typical actual physical activity dramatically decreased (which is what transpires when you trade 8 hours a day on the health and fitness center floor for sitting in entrance of your laptop), I wanted to be smart about my schooling. One of the vital tools I made use of for that is large-frequency weighted cardio.



To be equipped to take a large-frequency method to any schooling approach you will need to be equipped to recover rapidly. When it comes to large-frequency schooling, large amounts of muscle mass damage and staying sore for days are public enemy range 1!


There is 1 generally neglected schooling approach that brings about virtually zero muscle mass damage, but presents a potent schooling stimulus. And that is the approach I will made use of to lean down through lockdown. So, here’s how I progressed on my lockdown system.


Concentric-Only Training

There are two most important phases of muscle mass contraction through resistance schooling:


  1. Concentric Muscle Training
  2. Eccentric Muscle Training


The concentric phase is when a muscle mass shortens underneath rigidity. You can feel of this as the lifting phase. The eccentric is when the muscle mass lengthens underneath rigidity. This is the decreasing phase.


The eccentric phase is where by most of the muscle mass damage happens. Removing the eccentric phases indicates you can decrease the anxiety, muscle mass damage, and breakdown that happens with traditional schooling.


I wouldn’t suggest excluding all eccentric schooling kind your software indefinitely as the eccentric portion of the raise does carry many gains and is a vital piece of the dimension and energy puzzle. Having said that, tactically getting rid of the eccentric phase from particular things of your schooling can have potent gains.


Concentric-only schooling creates the probable for:


  1. Greater schooling frequency
  2. A lot more volume



These are both equally pretty practical when it comes to excess fat decline. Even much better, a 2017 study (Inventory et al., 2017) confirmed that concentric-only energy schooling (involving minimum muscle mass damage) made hypertrophy in just three – four weeks. So, concentric schooling can assist you get lean and get (or the very least maintain) muscle mass mass.


Exploration exhibits that concentric-only schooling makes a lot larger metabolic needs than eccentric schooling (Kraemer et al., 2001). Significantly increased VO2 and lactic acid amounts are reached with concentric-only schooling. This elevated metabolic price tag equates to extra energy burned.


Enhanced Restoration with Concentric-Only Training

Concentric-only schooling is pretty common in harm rehab systems. In the early stages of rehab many therapists use large frequency concentric-only schooling as the initial-phase in strengthening muscle mass.


Enhanced recovery from harm is 1 gain of concentric only schooling. Improved recovery between sessions is also a significant as well as of concentric only get the job done.


Stimulating blood stream to the doing work muscle mass increases the recovery time from 1 heavy session to the up coming. This is why concentric only schooling is these a terrific addition to your regular routines.


Bonus Training Not Overtraining

Concentric-only schooling indicates you can do “extra” or “bonus” schooling with a a lot reduce hazard of overtraining. Concentric only get the job done enables you to get a schooling stimulus without having the mechanical or neurological fatigue that regular schooling brings about. Therefore, you can do extra schooling with minimum hazard of it interfering with your typical lifting sessions.


The extra you can prepare without having exceeding your ability to recover the much better your benefits. The fact that concentric schooling presents you the means to improve your workload without having exceeding your recovery ability is a substantial reward when it comes to profitable the system excess fat fight!


Powerlifters, Concentric Lifts and Conditioning

Westside Barbell popularised concentric-only schooling with the use of sleds for conditioning get the job done. Pushing and pulling a sled is an unbelievably successful excess fat burning workout. I have made use of it in the systems of many shoppers to terrific effect. It’s 1 of the best means to maximise excess fat decline whilst minimising muscle mass decline.


Contrary to traditional cardio, sled get the job done consists of somewhat large amounts of resistance. This resistance indicators the system to preserve maintain of muscle mass. As a result, you don’t waste absent to seeking like a marathon runner when carrying out weighted vitality technique get the job done.


Concentric-Only Training at Home

Regrettably, I don’t have a sled or plenty of out of doors area to use 1. Dwelling in central London indicates area is at a actual quality. What I do have is 6 flights of stairs in my apartment block and these are what I’m making use of to get the exact same gains of sled get the job done.


In this article is how:


  • I load my back pack up with books and dumbbells
  • I stroll up the six flights of stairs
  • I get in the raise and return to the ground floor
  • I repeat for 5-10 sets


Strolling upstairs is a predominantly a concentric activity. By loading my backpack up with textbooks and dumbbells I am equipped to insert 50 lbs of exterior load. Strolling up the stairs is like executing a hundred weighted phase-ups.


I get in the raise to go back down since I’m lazy. Definitely, I’m joking, there is basically approach to my insanity/laziness. Strolling downstairs with 50 lbs of extra bodyweight consists of loads of eccentric get the job done and brings about a lot of muscle mass damage.


Strolling up and down stairs would suggest that I would be sore and recovery would take longer. As a result, I wouldn’t be equipped to do this on a each day basis. Considering that I’m seeking to use this approach as my each day cardio taking the raise down is the clever decision.


So, if you have a back pack, a thing heavy to put in it and a staircase, you can get shredded whilst self-isolating.


Now, it appears to be like like there is a sense of normality returning, although I feel some persons may still pick to workout at house right until they come to feel at ease likely into a health and fitness center. Link with my on my Tom MacCormick Instagram account and message me if you will need some assist.