‘I got a boob job and my friends weren’t on board… are they right?’

Clinical psychologist Jo Lamble answers your questions.


I went by a horrible divorce a short while ago. It took a heavy toll on me and at the conclusion of it, when the papers have been signed and all the things was completed, I felt so unsightly and unloved.

I had constantly wished a boob work so I resolved it was the time to do it. I didn’t communicate to lots of persons about it I just did it. And it has been the finest matter I have at any time carried out.

I really feel so good about myself and I’ve even started off to date. But when I told my mates, a number of of them manufactured unfavorable opinions.

One even explained that breasts signified motherhood and obtaining the procedure built me “less” of a mum. I was extremely hurt. Are they right?

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Jo’s Solution:

It is so unfortunate to hear that you’ve been criticised and judged for executing a little something that you felt so fantastic about. It is your physique and you can get a boob position if you want a boob career.

Self esteem and self-worth can noticeably fall just after a tricky divorce.

Time will hopefully mend a lot of the pain, but the diploma of therapeutic also is dependent on what we do in that time. If you’ve often been sad with your breasts, then I can understand that you felt that post-divorce was the time to have the surgery.

Your future work is to hold your head substantial and to try out not to get everyone else’s remarks individually. Most persons who criticise or decide other individuals do so to rationalise their personal alternatives.

Really do not try to justify why you had the surgery, simply because when we protect our selections, our self-really worth decreases.

And more importantly, you have very little to justify. The finest way to answer to criticism and judgement is to say: “I appreciate my new boobs!”

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