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This is a reader-pleasant overview of Manganese. For a lot more particulars, see our health experienced fact sheet on Manganese.

What is manganese and what does it do?

Manganese is a mineral that your overall body needs to continue to be healthful. Your overall body employs manganese to make vitality and secure your cells from damage. Your overall body also needs manganese for powerful bones, copy, blood clotting, and a healthful immune system.

How a great deal manganese do I will need?

The total of manganese you will need relies upon on your age and sexual intercourse. Normal day by day suggested quantities are listed beneath in milligrams (mg).

Everyday living Phase Advisable Quantity
Start to six months .003 mg
Infants 7–12 months .six mg
Children 1–3 several years 1.2 mg
Children 4–8 several years 1.five mg
Boys 9–13 several years 1.9 mg
Girls 9–13 several years 1.six mg
Teen boys 14–18 several years 2.2 mg
Teen girls 14–18 several years 1.six mg
Grownup males 2.3 mg
Grownup gals 1.eight mg
Pregnant teenagers and gals 2. mg
Breastfeeding teenagers and gals 2.six mg


What foodstuff deliver manganese?

Numerous foodstuff consist of manganese. You can get suggested quantities of manganese by taking in a wide range of foodstuff, which include the adhering to:

  • Whole grains, such as brown rice, oatmeal, and whole-wheat bread
  • Clams, oysters, and mussels
  • Nuts, such as hazelnuts and pecans
  • Legumes, such as soybeans and lentils
  • Leafy veggies, such as spinach and kale
  • Some fruits, such as pineapple and blueberries
  • Tea
  • Numerous spices, such as black pepper

What types of manganese nutritional nutritional supplements are out there?

Manganese is out there in several multivitamin/multimineral and other nutritional nutritional supplements. Nutritional supplements consist of several types of manganese, such as manganese sulfate and manganese aspartate. Experts don’t know no matter if any sort of manganese in nutritional supplements is superior than any other sort.

Am I finding plenty of manganese?

Most folks in the United States get plenty of manganese from the foodstuff they try to eat.

What happens if I don’t get plenty of manganese?

Manganese deficiency is incredibly scarce in the United States. A deficiency could cause the adhering to indicators:

  • Weak bones and bad progress in small children
  • Skin rashes and reduction of hair coloration in males
  • Temper modifications and worse premenstrual soreness than usual in gals

What are some consequences of manganese on health?

Experts are learning manganese to have an understanding of how it has an effect on health. Here are some illustrations of what this investigate has demonstrated.

Bone health
You will need manganese in combination with other minerals and nutritional vitamins for healthful bone development. But a lot more investigate is needed to have an understanding of the role of manganese in retaining or enhancing bone health.

Diabetic issues
You will need manganese to enable split down the starches and sugars that you try to eat. But its impact on the danger of diabetes is not known. Additional investigate is needed to have an understanding of no matter if manganese plays a role in the development of diabetes.

Can manganese be harmful?

Studies have not demonstrated any hurt from the manganese in foodstuff and drinks. But some folks have created manganese toxicity by consuming drinking water containing incredibly large stages of manganese. Another cause of manganese toxicity is inhaling huge quantities of manganese dust from welding or mining do the job.

The indicators of manganese toxicity consist of tremors, muscle spasms, listening to complications, mania, insomnia, despair, reduction of urge for food, problems, irritability, weak point, and mood modifications.

People today should not eat a lot more manganese than the higher restrictions from foodstuff, drinks, or nutritional nutritional supplements until their healthcare service provider endorses undertaking this.

The day by day higher restrictions for manganese consist of intakes from all sources—food, drinks, and supplements—and are listed beneath.

Ages Higher Limit
Start to six months Not set up
Infants 7–12 months Not set up
Children 1–3 several years 2 mg
Children 4–8 several years 3 mg
Children 9–13 several years six mg
Teens 14–18 several years 9 mg
Grownups 11 mg
Pregnant and breastfeeding teenagers 9 mg
Pregnant and breastfeeding older people 11 mg


Does manganese interact with drugs or other nutritional nutritional supplements?

Manganese is not regarded to interact or interfere with any medications.

Convey to your physician, pharmacist, and other healthcare suppliers about any nutritional nutritional supplements and prescription or more than-the-counter medications you take. They can inform you if the nutritional nutritional supplements could interact with your medications or if the medications could interfere with how your overall body absorbs, employs, or breaks down nutrition, such as manganese.

Manganese and healthful taking in

People today should get most of their nutrition from foodstuff and drinks, according to the federal government’s Dietary Guidelines for Us residents. Food items consist of nutritional vitamins, minerals, nutritional fiber, and other factors that gain health. In some cases, fortified foodstuff and nutritional nutritional supplements are valuable when it is not attainable to fulfill needs for just one or a lot more nutrition (e.g., through unique daily life phases such as being pregnant). For a lot more information about making a healthful nutritional pattern, see the Dietary Guidelines for Us residentsexternal link disclaimer and the U.S. Division of Agriculture’s MyPlate.external link disclaimer

Where can I come across out a lot more about manganese?

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