Nonstress Test: MedlinePlus Medical Test

What is a nonstress check?

A nonstress check is a safe, noninvasive check for pregnant gals. Noninvasive means it won’t minimize into the pores and skin or enter any element of the entire body. The check actions the coronary heart level of an unborn baby as the baby moves in the uterus. In most healthy toddlers, the coronary heart level, also regarded as the fetal coronary heart level, improves in the course of movement. If your nonstress check results confirmed that the coronary heart level was not standard, it may well mean that your baby is not obtaining more than enough oxygen. If this comes about, you may well need far more testing or remedy, or in some circumstances, supply may well be induced. Inducing labor is when a supplier offers you medication or employs other procedures to start off labor prior to it commences normally.

Other names: fetal nonstress check, NST