Oracle Enterprise Manager

Oracle eCommerce provides complete solutions to many business applications and allows easy accessibility from any internet connected computer. The best part about the Oracle eCommerce is that it integrates all aspects of your business from sales, order processing, customer service, marketing, finance etc. With an integrated architecture from Oracle Business Database, and web-based services you are given a very powerful insight into how your business runs. It is the best way to leverage your company’s available resources to make your business more profitable.

Wide Range of Features

Oracle e Commerce comes with a wide range of features that help your customers manage their purchases, search, check out, and complete transactions with ease. Oracle eCommerce offers the following features: e-Commerce storefront, drop shipper and catalogs for online stores, full support for third party e-Commerce solutions, multi-pricing, multi-table support, global trade solutions, product catalogs, product reviews and detailed information on catalog pricing, supplier data fields, and technical support. This platform also provides improved performance and scalability for fast growing companies. Some of the benefits you can enjoy with Oracle eCommerce:

  1. Utilizing Oracle e-Business
  2. Utilizing Oracle e-Commerce Metaphors
  3. Improving Customer Loyalty With Oracle eCommerce
  4. Improving Performance and Scalability for Fast Growing Companies
  5. Improving Customer Data Quality With Oracle eCommerce
  6. Improving Customer Service for Business With Oracle eCommerce
  7. Optimizing your Web Presence Using the Oracle eCommerce CMS
  8. Improving your Company’s Search Results With the Search Sphere
  9. Improving your Company’s inventory management
  10. Reducing Your vendor lock in with one unified database
  11. Overcoming database corruption issues and errors with one consolidated database

Benefits of an Integrated Database

With these capabilities, you get to enjoy the benefits of an integrated database, which will simplify your overall business process. And, it is provided through the Oracle eCommerce solution. Oracle Enterprise Manager also provides the following additional benefits: 

Oracle eCommerce functionality :

  • Oracle Enterprise Manager High Density Integration (HDI) 
  • Oracle Enterprise Manager Extended Downtime Support (EDS)
  • Oracle Enterprise Manager Standard Downtime Provider (DSP)

Oracle Enterprise Monitor Data Protection Features:

  • Enterprise Information Integration (EBI)
  • Extensive reporting and graphing capability 
  • Extensive tooling and middleware layer for complete integration with various back ends systems and data sources
  • Oracle Enterprise Inspector (OEI) 
  • Redundant Inventory Management
  • Redundant Stock Management

Inventory Valuation and Rental Features:

  • Real-time gross cost reevaluation with step-by-step cost reoptimization
  • Oracle Business Intelligence (BHI)
  • Expanded BI capabilities

Oracle Enterprise Architecture:

  • Software Inventory Management
  • Oracle Enterprise Management Software
  • Oracle Enterprise Resources (ERts)
  • Oracle Business Intelligence Pack
  • Oracle Business Analyst Pack
  • Oracle Enterprise Financial Pack
  • Oracle Financial Spreadsheets Pack
  • Oracle Reference Implementation Pack
  • Oracle Enterprise Manager Installation Pack
  • Oracle Enterprise Manager Essentials
  • Oracle Enterprise Manager Training and Tutorials
  • Oracle Enterprise Manager v6
  • Oracle Enterprise Management v7
  • Oracle Enterprise Technology (ET)

All the above mentioned features of Oracle Enterprise Manager make it an extremely comprehensive solution for companies involved in the supply, management and distribution of goods and services.