How fashion designer Liz Lange beat cervical cancer

Designer Liz Lange helped reinvent maternity style, bringing additional fashion and flexibility to outfits for expecting women. But in addition to making her business and model, Lange faced one more important obstacle at the height of her job: a cervical most cancers prognosis.

Now a lengthy-phrase survivor, she spoke about her encounter and how typical Pap smears and early prognosis helped her conquer most cancers.

Can you inform us about your prognosis?

Acquiring diagnosed with cervical most cancers at age 35 was a comprehensive and utter shock. I thought of myself extremely wholesome. I was chaotic, content, energetic, and had

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HPV and cervical cancer: What you need to know

Human papillomavirus (HPV) is the most prevalent sexually transmitted infection in the U.S., and there are extra than 200 strains of it.

Forty of people are known as significant-threat HPV, which can guide to cervical most cancers in women of all ages. Lower-threat HPV usually will cause symptoms that are not existence threatening, these kinds of as genital warts.

It is really critical to know that significant-threat HPV by alone is not most cancers. Eight out of ten women of all ages will have significant-threat HPV at some point in their life, but number of of them will get cervical

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