Why Sprinters Peak in the Evening and Marathoners Don’t

Most track and discipline environment information are established in the evening most road working environment information are established in the morning. This is not a deep physiological riddle—it’s just a reflection of when huge track meets and road races are held. For mass-participation endurance events, in individual, early begin instances […]

What Determines Which Marathoners Get Heatstroke?

When scientists from Nike have been plotting the details of their Breaking2 marathon undertaking in 2017, a single of the variables they deemed was start time. The typical early-morning starts give you awesome air that step by step heats up—but an night start could give you awesome air that step […]

What We Can Learn from Studying Older Marathoners

At the Frankfurt Marathon last Oct, a fifty nine-year-previous Irishman named Tommy Hughes threw down a gorgeous 2:27:52. The time was a one-age globe record—and when Hughes’s 34-year-previous son Eoin crossed the line a couple of minutes later, in 2:31:thirty, their mixed time of four:fifty nine:22 attained them a place […]