Predicting Your Menopause Age: What Factors Matter

What issues, and what doesn’t, when making an attempt to predict when you can expect to get to menopause.

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“From the WebMD Archives

It is a issue many girls ponder about, especially if you are contemplating about setting up a spouse and children and your 20s are but a distant memory.

How many extra yrs of fertility may you have,

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A Big Data Approach to Predicting Your Marathon Pace

This write-up is about a new research that takes advantage of amassed coaching knowledge from Strava to forecast your marathon time. That’s the payoff. But to get there, we need to have to commence by digging into a notion named important velocity, which is a incredibly hot research subject matter in physiology these days. It’s a really neat concept, so I assure the digression is worthwhile.

Let us say you acquire your ideal possible performances about a range of at the very least 3 distances long lasting involving about two and twenty minutes—for instance, a mile, 3K, and 5K. Plot

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