Rheumatoid arthritis: Does pregnancy affect symptoms?

Rheumatoid arthritis: Does pregnancy have an impact on signs?

Rheumatoid arthritis signs typically subside during pregnancy.

By Mayo Clinic Workers

Numerous women of all ages with rheumatoid arthritis, a dysfunction in which your immune process mistakenly attacks your body’s tissues, report enhancement in their signs during pregnancy. Numerous also report a flare-up of signs after childbirth, commonly within the initial a few months.

Researchers are finding out why these changes arise. Mainly because women of all ages are more probably than males to build rheumatoid arthritis, a single principle is that feminine sex hormones, estrogen and progesterone, engage in a

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Pregnancy and asthma: Managing your symptoms

Being pregnant and bronchial asthma: Controlling your signs

Asthma all through being pregnant can pose well being pitfalls for you and your little one. Know how to stay away from triggers and use treatment securely.

By Mayo Clinic Team

Asthma is a serious lung problem. If you might be pregnant, bronchial asthma can have an affect on your well being and your baby’s well being. Discover out what you require to know about bronchial asthma and being pregnant.

Why is bronchial asthma all through being pregnant a problem?

If you might be properly managing your bronchial asthma and it can

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Common Skin Conditions During Pregnancy

Path to improved very well becoming

Most pregnancy-linked skin modifications are standard. Lots of have limited therapy alternatives and go absent on their personal. Widespread conditions involve:

Stretch marks

  • Signs: Brown, pink, or purple streaks on your abdomen, thighs, buttocks, breasts, or arms.
  • Trigger: Skin stretching as your physique expands to guidance your growing child. Most women get them.
  • Treatment method: There’s absolutely nothing to prevent them or make them go absent. Lotions and lotions could aid itching and retain the skin comfortable. Most fade above time but may by no means vanish totally.


  • Signs: Breakouts of pimples on
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3rd trimester pregnancy: What to expect

third trimester pregnancy: What to be expecting

The third trimester of pregnancy can be tiring and awkward. Here is enable relieving indicators — and panic — as your thanks day approaches.

By Mayo Clinic Team

The third trimester of pregnancy can be bodily and emotionally tough. Your baby’s sizing and situation may well make it tough for you to get comfy. You may well be tired of pregnancy and keen to move on to the future phase. If you’ve got been gearing up for your thanks day, you may well be let down if it comes and goes uneventfully.


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2nd trimester pregnancy: What to expect

2nd trimester pregnancy: What to hope

The second trimester of pregnancy is frequently the most pleasurable. Locate out how to ease popular signs and symptoms — and take into consideration techniques to prepare for what’s in advance.

By Mayo Clinic Personnel

The second trimester of pregnancy frequently provides a renewed perception of well-staying. The worst of the nausea has commonly handed, and your baby isn’t significant more than enough to make you also awkward. Nonetheless a lot more pregnancy signs and symptoms are on the horizon. Here’s what to hope.

Your entire body

Throughout the second trimester of pregnancy, you

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