Quarantine Having Lasting Impacts on Kids’ Health

May possibly fifteen, 2020 — Immediately after just 1 week in coronavirus quarantine at dwelling with her spouse and children of 4, fourteen-calendar year-outdated Grace from Virginia claims she commenced noticing she felt extra relaxed than usual.

“I know I am fewer pressured due to the fact I really feel happier, extra arranged, and I am accomplishing things I delight in accomplishing,” claims Grace, who requested that her serious title not be utilized..

Grace claims her university anxiety is lowered with on the net classes just 2 times a week, no assessments or quizzes, and no anxieties about staying late

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What Day Is It? This Is Your Brain on Quarantine

May seven, 2020 — If it feels like all your internal clocks are melting as your remain-at-household days drone on, you are not on your own. Scientists say that men and women in various amounts of COVID-19 quarantine about the entire world are reporting a distorted sense of time.

Some men and women say they feel as if their days are sped up and flying by, while other individuals sense that time has slowed to a crawl. An party that transpired just weeks ago feels like something that transpired yrs ago.

WJW, a Fox affiliate in Cleveland, commenced a tongue-in-cheek

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Here Are the Top 10 Quarantine Skateboarding Clips

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Training During COVID-19: The Quarantine Machine

While we all try to figure out how to navigate these trying times of lockdowns and social distancing, we seem to have this weird mix of lots of time to train but a lack of options with which to utilize.


The challenges of training from home (minimal equipment and space being the main ones) have made it really difficult to create strength training options that can at least preserve, or possibly continue to develop, the levels of force production and neural drive necessary for athletes.



When this situation finally resolves and we are able to start competing again, those who

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It’s OK to Eat More and Exercise Less During Quarantine

Scroll through Twitter or take a look at trending articles, and it’s clear that people’s feelings about food and body image are all over the place right now. The age-old “there goes my summer body” joke is reaching new heights. #Quarantine15 has been trending on and off for weeks. The headlines about healthy cooking and at-home exercise range from helpful to questionable to downright punishing. 

I get it—we’re all looking for things to bond over right now, and body insecurities are, unfortunately, fairly universal. Anxieties are running high, and eating is a common response to stress. It’s natural to be 

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