Labor pain: Weigh your options for relief

Labor discomfort: Weigh your possibilities for aid

Labor discomfort on your intellect? Comprehension discomfort aid possibilities can give you additional command above the labor and shipping method.

By Mayo Clinic Staff

No two labors are particularly alike — and no two women have the identical degree of labor discomfort.

The best tactic to labor discomfort aid depends on your choices and on how your labor progresses. Sometimes, you would not know what form of discomfort aid you want till you happen to be in labor. Nonetheless, it can be a excellent strategy to imagine about your possibilities for taking care

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Need stress relief? Try the 4 A’s

Want worry relief? Try the four A’s

Grow your worry administration toolkit by mastering these 4 approaches for coping with worry: keep away from, change, acknowledge and adapt.

By Mayo Clinic Team

When we experience the outcomes of worry weighing us down, it is really like lugging a backpack that is getting to be heavier by the minute. Much too substantially worry can make our journey via life difficult.

Happy situations, these as a wedding day, as very well as unsatisfied situations, these as overwork, can trigger worry. When your worry amount exceeds your capability to cope, you need to

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