Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Adults (MIS-A)

What we know about MIS-A Multisystem inflammatory syndrome in little ones (MIS-C) is a scarce but extreme complication in little ones and adolescents contaminated with SARS-CoV-two, the virus that brings about COVID-19. Since June 2020, there have been several experiences of a very similar multisystem inflammatory syndrome in adults (MIS-A). […]

CYLD cutaneous syndrome: MedlinePlus Genetics

CYLD cutaneous syndrome is a genetic condition characterized by the growth of multiple noncancerous (benign) skin tumors. These tumors develop from structures associated with the skin (skin appendages), such as hair follicles. More than one type of skin tumor often develops, including benign growths called cylindromas, spiradenomas, and trichoepitheliomas. Cylindromas were […]

Craniofrontonasal syndrome – Genetics Home Reference

Craniofrontonasal syndrome is a uncommon situation characterized by the untimely closure of specified bones of the skull (craniosynostosis) throughout growth, which influences the condition of the head and deal with. The situation is named for the places of the system that are generally affected: the skull (cranio-), deal with (fronto-), […]