Treat lactose intolerance with the Milkaid range including chewable tablets, lactase enzyme drops and Milkaid Junior for kids

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Do you undergo from lactose intolerance? Place dairy back on the menu and enjoy its wellness-giving qualities with assist from Milkaid

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For an estimated 4 million individuals in the United kingdom, milk, ice product and other dairy products and solutions are off the menu due to lactose intolerance.

This is regrettable simply because milk and merchandise this sort of as cheese and yoghurt are packed with vitamins that are beneficial to our health. In particular, they are good resources of protein and calcium. They also present numerous other nutritional vitamins and minerals, together with vitamin A, B nutritional vitamins, vitamin D, phosphorous and potassium.

Jointly, these nutrients contribute to trying to keep our muscle tissue, bones, teeth, pores and skin, eyesight and nervous procedure nutritious. They’re specially valuable as we get older to ward off age-connected ailments such as osteoporosis. This is of distinct problem to ladies article-menopause, when hormonal adjustments lead to minimized bone density. Calcium is particularly critical for encouraging us manage potent bones. And vitamin D is beneficial since it will help us take in calcium from our food items.

What is lactose intolerance?

It’s truly worth noting that lactose intolerance is not the exact as a milk or dairy allergy. It’s a digestive dilemma induced by the overall body getting unable to break down lactose.

Lactose is a sugar found in dairy food items, and to split it down, we have to have an enzyme termed lactase. Most of us can generate all the lactase we have to have in the small intestine. For those people who can’t, that is when lactose intolerance gets to be a difficulty.

The end result can be disagreeable signs or symptoms such as bloating, stomach cramps, wind and diarrhoea. You can steer clear of these results by reducing out dairy from your diet plan, but that can be extremely restrictive – specially if you enjoy consuming out. It also suggests summer time treats these as ice product are strictly off-limits.

You can take pleasure in dairy yet again

The superior news? It’s easy to prime up the lactase in your technique with Milkaid. Each and every raspberry-flavoured pill includes a dose of 3000 ALU of lactase. This implies chewing just just one or two tablets instantly right before consuming any foodstuff that contains lactose should really be more than enough to assist you crack it down.

Remaining so simple to choose, Milkaid is ideal when you’re ingesting out. And for the reason that quite a few youngsters create lactose intolerance just before the age of 10, there is also Milkaid Junior – strawberry flavoured tablets suited for children aged 3 and over.

Alternatively, check out Milkaid Drops – incorporate a few drops to 500ml of milk and refrigerate for 24 hrs. It breaks down the lactose by up to 70%, so you can delight in milk in your cup of tea or on your cereal without having concern of uncomfortable effects. Or add 10 drops for up to 99% lactose reduction.

Milkaid includes no artificial flavours, gluten or yeast. 

Treat lactose intolerance with the Milkaid range including chewable tablets, lactase enzyme drops and Milkaid Junior for kids

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