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Leanbean is a supplement that claims to be an organic way to help women lose weight. However, we wanted to make sure that this is actually true and decided to test this supplement ourselves.

We also made sure to do our research regarding the ingredients to confirm it all works as advertised.

But, let us first look at who this particular supplement is intended to be used by.

Who Should Use LeanBean?

Leanbean is an organic weight-loss supplement that was designed specifically to be used by women. Unfortunately, there are often a lot of these types of supplements on the market that contain a large number of harsh stimulants, also known as drugs. 

Since we understand if you would rather not have any of that in your supplements, we recommend you take a look at LeanBean instead.

For modern women, it can be challenging to make sure that you get all of your nutrients as you should. You can streamline this process, however, by making sure that all of your nutritional needs are met by taking one single supplement. 

This can work wonders for women looking to lose weight and women who are currently on their target weight but are having issues maintaining it. 

Even women who are not struggling with their weight issues may want to give this a look. The supplement is loaded with nutrients that are beneficial even to pregnant and expecting women. 

In short, this is a supplement by women for women and can be a great addition to anyone’s diet. The product is free from GMOs and gluten as well. In addition, the capsules are also completely vegan-friendly.


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LeanBean: Brand Overview

Leanbean is made by the pharmaceutical company Ultimate Life Limited. This is a UK-based company, and they have set out to make one of the most effective natural and organic weight-loss supplements on the market. 

That seems to be part of the company’s mission in general. They are looking to find natural and healthy solutions to many of the issues that modern-day women face. 

In addition, they want to make sure that everyone can make use of these supplements. To make sure of that, they tried to ensure all of these supplements are easy to fit into anyone’s schedule. 

They also want to make sure that they only keep themselves to the highest standards where it comes to manufacturing. That means that they have all of their supplements being produced in FDA-approved facilities where they all have to meet the very strict standards set by the Good Manufacturing Practices program. 

That way, you as the customer do not have to be worried about getting a tainted supplement or something like that. 

To ensure that the quality is kept high, they also pay for third-party laboratories to analyze their products independently. Then they also produce a certificate of analysis for anyone who feels the need to ensure that they are, in fact, getting pure and potent supplements.

You also do not have to worry about this ingredient containing any sort of harsh stimulants and are made without any gluten or GMOs. They are also made to be vegan friendly, so no worries about the mistreatment of any animals being involved. 

We want to make sure that you have a quick overview of all of the most important points of the supplement. 

That way, you can have an easy reference point to come back to. We will also give you a lot more details in the further sections (especially in the ingredients section), so if you ever want more information on something, do keep reading!

Pros & Cons Of LeanBean


  • This is a completely organic weight-loss supplement made without using any GMOs, gluten, or any other major allergens.
  • This supplement is entirely free from any gelatin used in the capsule. That means that the supplement is completely vegan-friendly. 
  • This is one of the few supplements on the market that has been specifically designed to be used by women. So, get a formula designed especially for your body!
  • This supplement is a great way to increase your metabolic rates and help to burn away those last vestiges of stubborn fat that often cluster around the hips and belly.
  • LeanBean contains several ingredients that have been scientifically proven to reduce the number of cravings you will experience during the day, which is a great way to keep your calorie intake under control.
  • This supplement helps kickstart your metabolism into overdrive which will help to increase your overall energy levels and lose weight.
  • One of the greatest boons is that this supplement will also help your body maintain proper glucose levels. Having a healthy concentration of glucose not only helps to reduce cravings but also gives you more energy to get through the day.
  • These supplements have been manufactured in FDA-approved facilities that are fully GMP compliant. 
  • The company offers a 90-day satisfaction guarantee, which means that you basically get to try out the product for three whole months without any financial risk. That is about as good as it gets!
  • The company allows for its supplements to be tested regularly by third-party laboratories for potency and purity.


  • We did find a few reports online of people who did find it took almost 90 days for the product to start working. On the bright side, you do have the option to get your money back in case it does take this long for you to see results too.
  • It does have a somewhat high commitment required. You need to take two of these capsules three times per day in order to get the biggest benefits out of it. That is quite a bit compared to some other supplements that are out there.

How Does LeanBean Fat Burner Works?

This particular supplement does not use any harsh stimulants. We have mentioned this before, but it really does make what the supplement does accomplish much more impressive.

The formula combines over 11 potent ingredients that, when put together, make for one of the most effective weight loss formulas on the market. It does so by focusing on three key areas to help you manage weight easier.

The first is by making sure that you do not experience cravings to the same degree that you used to. There are several ingredients that have been proven to reduce cravings and do so in many novel ways.

The second method is by boosting your metabolic rate. That means that you will start to burn calories more efficiently. This is really what everyone trying to lose weight is looking to get as efficiently as possible and is perhaps the most important factor when it comes to losing weight quickly.

The last thing that it does is help to improve your energy and focus. That is a great thing to happen to you in general but is especially useful when combining it with getting proper exercise. That way, you will literally see the pounds start to melt away.

Ingredients: A Fat Burner With Natural Ingredients 

Since we want to make sure that you understand perfectly well which ingredients are contained within this particular supplement, we decided to go into every single one of them in great detail. 

If you are ever wondering about the science mentioned in any of these ingredients, you can always just click on the ingredient’s name to be taken directly to the peer-reviewed study.

Vitamin B6 is a complex vitamin that plays a crucial role in your overall well-being. These B vitamins do a whole lot of different things to help your body remain healthy. Especially for women, these B vitamins play a vital role. They are heavily involved in the development of the fetus. 

So, if you are pregnant, it is especially important that you retain a proper nutritional balance. Apart from that, these vitamins are also very well known for improving your brain functions and boosting your body’s metabolic rates. You also get a little bit of an energy boost from it, which is always useful. 

Many of the benefits of Vitamin B6 need Vitamin B12 to work properly. So, the inclusion of this particular vitamin really does not come as any mystery. In addition, this particular vitamin has also been shown to have a direct impact on the issues of obesity. So, that makes it another great inclusion into the formula.

Chromium Picolinate is a form of the mineral Chromium. You will find this particular ingredient in a lot of supplements, and there is a very good reason for that. If you are deficient in this particular mineral, it can cause your body to increase its need for insulin. 

That will make it much harder for your body to process carbs efficiently, thereby making it harder for you to maintain a healthy weight. That manifests itself in the form of more cravings or even weight gain. 

Chromium Picolinate has been shown to be very effective in helping overweight women decrease their weight so, whether you’re trying to slim down or maintain what you have, it can do wonders for most women. 

Zinc is one of the essential nutrients that you have in your body. It does a whole lot of things, like making sure that your DNA synthesizes properly. In that, it is also essential to protein synthesis and your overall blood sugar levels. 

One of the main reasons that protein synthesis is very important is that this is the process by which your body converts the nutrients that you take in and puts them to use. 

Making sure that this process is working and is a great way to ensure that you will not be lacking in nutrition. 

After all, it is all well and good to have all the nutrients in the world, but if you have no way of using them, they won’t be doing you any good anyway.

Potassium is an electrolyte, which is the thing that helps to send the electrical signals of your nerves all throughout your body. That’s pretty useful on its own, obviously, but what is less obvious is that potassium is also heavily involved in regulating the body’s digestive processes, keeping your blood pressure healthy, and even keeping your heart rhythm in check. 

All these things are very useful to anyone trying to keep themselves healthy but are especially useful to those trying to lose weight. 

Making sure that your cardiovascular and digestive systems have all the nutrients that they need is a great way to make sure that you can keep your workouts going for longer and get more out of them.

Glucomannan is a very interesting ingredient. This naturally occurring dietary fiber is very well known for being a great way to help your body reduce cravings. The way that it does this is by absorbing water and expanding. 

That means that as soon as these particular ingredients make their way to your stomach, they will start to absorb the fluids in there and start to expand. 

That means it will be taking up more room in your stomach than you may at first glance believe, and that will mean that you will feel fuller as a result. That means you will not be having those hunger pangs either because your stomach will actually be filled.

Choline has only been discovered fairly recently but does actually get naturally produced in your body in very small quantities. A lot of the time, this is grouped with the B complex of vitamins, but that is really not quite correct. 

It is neither a mineral nor a vitamin. Choline itself also helps to develop the brain. Also, your liver functionality is dependent on Choline in a few ways. In addition, Choline also helps your muscles move more naturally and even helps the functioning of your nervous system. 

If you have a deficiency in choline, this can even lead to cholesterol and fat deposits forming in your liver. It should go without saying that that is a bad thing, that you would rather avoid. 

  • Garcinia Cambogia Extract

Garcinia Cambogia is a fruit that’s somewhat pumpkin-shaped and is another quite popular ingredient in the world of weight loss. The peel of this particular fruit contains Hydroxycitric acid. 

Garcinia Cambogia Extract is actually a well-known anti-obesity agent that has been known to be a very good way to help your body get rid of some of those stubborn rolls of belly fat. Obviously, you would rather get rid of these as quickly as possible. 

The way it works is by reducing your appetite. The second thing that it does is block any fat from being produced by your body. The third thing that it does is reduce the oxidative stress on your body. 

Oxidation is a process that breaks down your cells and will eventually cause them to die. They then have to be replaced by new cells, which will make you look older.

  • Green Bean Coffee Extract

Coffee, as you may be aware, contains caffeine. What you may not know is that it also contains Chlorogenic acids. These are antioxidants that also work as a great anti-inflammatory agent. That is a great way to make sure that your muscles will not get sore after a workout. 

Caffeine is also a very important element here. Caffeine works as a thermogenic agent. What that means is that it will raise your body heat. 

That means that your body will also start to burn fat quicker. Apart from that, Green Bean Coffee Extract will also make you more alert, of course, and give you a lot more energy to get through the day with.

Turmeric Root has a very interesting nickname. Also known as the Golden Goddess, this particular ingredient may be one of the single most important ones in this particular formula. It contains what is known as curcuminoids. 

Curcumin is one of these, and these are known to contain many medicinal properties. These will act as an anti-inflammatory agent to help reduce stress on your muscles after a workout. It has also been shown to help reduce the risk of heart disease. 

What makes this ingredient truly special is that it has been shown to prevent cancer and reduce your risk of contracting a brain disease. 

As if that was not enough, Turmeric Root has also been shown to help people reduce the symptoms of depression. All in all, a fantastic addition to the formula. 

Acai Berries originally come from South America, and this is a well-known Brazilian superfruit. This little fruit is absolutely packed with nutrients and antioxidants. Those, in turn, will help your body regulate its cholesterol properly. 

Some of these nutrients have even been shown to help boost your brain functions. In addition, the supplement contains a very potent and pure 10:1 extract of the berry and makes for yet another great addition.

There is really nothing fancy about Bioperine, but that does not mean it is not important. This is yet another ingredient that you will find in a lot of other supplements. There is a very good reason for that. 

What it does is increase the bioavailability of the other nutrients in your body. That makes it so your body can much more easily make use of the nutrients in your body. 

That explains why you find this particular ingredient in nearly every supplement of this type, but there are also a few extra benefits that come along with it. 

This includes certain antioxidant properties and has even been shown to help prevent degenerative brain conditions. This includes diseases like Parkinson’sAlzheimer’simers.

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Benefits Of Using LeanBean:

There are a number of benefits that come with using LeanBean. We decided to put the four main points up here for your convenience.

  • Naturally Suppresses Your Appetite

One of the best ways to combat those midnight temptations lurking in the refrigerator is to make sure you do not get the temptations in the first place. This supplement is a great way to get that done.

  • Improve the Efficacy of Your Metabolism

This is the main player in storing fat in your body. If you make sure that your metabolism is up to scratch, it will be much easier to start losing weight.

  • Improve Your Energy Levels

A little bit of caffeine there will help you get more energy to get things done—a great way to get through those tough workouts.

  • It Is a Great Way to Improve Your Digestion

This supplement contains a significant number of ingredients that have been shown to be very beneficial to your gut bacteria. That, in turn, will make it much easier to keep your weight and blood sugar level.

Potential Side Effects Of LeanBean:

One of the best things about LeanBean is that there are really no side-effects present here. The only way that you could experience any type of side-effects is if you decide to be creative and take more than is recommended. 

It goes without saying that this is not a good idea and is something that you should avoid doing.

The one exception is that there are a few ingredients that can provoke an allergic reaction in people who are sensitive to the ingredients. In those cases, you can expect what you would expect from any allergic reactions. 

Who Should Refrain from Using LeanBean?

As we mentioned before, there are a few people who are allergic to some of the ingredients that are in the formula. So, those people should obviously refrain from using this particular supplement. 

Another group of people who should probably avoid using this supplement is men. Not because it will be harmful to them, but there are other supplements out there on the market that are designed for men’s bodies that they would probably be much better served to take.

Finally, we should give a warning that those who are currently on prescription medication or are otherwise compromised with their health should not just start a new supplement. Those people should always consult with their physician first before starting to take any sort of supplement.

Dosage and Tips to Get Started

As far as dosages go, this is a supplement that takes a bit more than most other ones to get the most out of it. The fact that the supplement does not contain any sort of harsh stimulants means that it will take a bit for it all to start working. 

The way it works is by slowly building up in your body over time. That also means that this supplement is not a magical pill that will just solve all your problems.

It requires you to take six capsules in total each day. The best way to do this is by taking two capsules with every main meal of the day. Just take them with a glass of water, and they should go down with no problem at all.

This supplement will work best when used with regular exercise. 

Where to Buy LeanBean and Guarantees?

There are three different packages that LeanBean comes in, and you can order them on their website. You can buy a one-month supply for $59.99. 

However, you would probably be way better off purchasing the two-month package for $119.98. That will also get you free shipping in the UK and USA. 

Finally, you can also buy the three-month bundle that will ship for free all over the world. That will also get you a free bottle extra and even a workout guide. That package costs $189.99 and is obviously the one that will give you the most money for value.

One important thing is that the company also provides you with a 90-day period wherein you are guaranteed to get a refund. That is about as good as it gets, and that allows you plenty of time to get the product working to see if it works well with you. 


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Conclusion: Does LeanBean Supplement Really Worth Your Money?

As we have shown, there are a lot of good reasons why you may want to give LeanBean a shot. The fact that the company allows you to effectively try the supplement for free is also a great plus and something we highly recommend you make use of if you are still in doubt.

Making sure that you are healthy is one of the most important things to do. You only have one body, and you should take care of it properly. Taking a supplement as a preventative measure is a great way to do this. We wish you good luck on your weight loss journey.


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