The Single Best Shoulder Exercise for Men

Overhead presses are one of the best moves to create shoulder toughness and mass. They create up the deltoids and muscles that help the scapula, strengthening the shoulder through a large vary of movement and improving performance both of those in and out of the gym. But they’re not the solitary most effective shoulder exercise for men. That title belongs to the landmine shoulder push.

Why? Mainly because even when you’re thorough to crank out overhead presses with picture-perfect variety, some thing is usually off. And even slight variety flaws can at some point guide to ache or injuries. Enter the landmine shoulder push. 

What is the Landmine Shoulder Push?

A landmine is a special toughness-training software, made by securing one finish of a barbell into a steel sleeve hooked up to the ground (or by wedging the finish in a corner with towels or involving two weights). The free finish is then loaded with bodyweight plates and applied for resistance. 

When it arrives to the landmine shoulder push, the finish is—you guessed it—pressed overhead utilizing your shoulders.

“What certainly separates the landmine shoulder push from other overhead shoulder push versions is the bodyweight and shoulders’ motion route,” points out Tony Gentilcore, C.S.C.S., toughness coach and operator of Core training studio outside Boston. 

With standard shoulder presses, the bodyweight travels straight up overhead in line with the ears, whilst the landmine needs an arched motion route. As you push the bodyweight, it also moves ahead in front of you in a curved trajectory. 

Why the Landmine Shoulder Push Is So Efficient

The landmine shoulder press’ motion route is critical simply because it builds shoulders without having the hazards related with most straight-overhead lifts. 

These hazards, which contain shoulder and low-back again ache as well as dress in and tear to shoulder cartilage, all stem from common shoulder mobility constraints, Gentilcore says. These are ordinarily because of to a mixture of sitting, hunching over telephones and desktops, muscular imbalances involving the anterior and posterior chain, or only not training mobility, he says. 

The landmine shoulder push, however, does not demand previously mentioned-average shoulder mobility, considering the fact that you shift the bodyweight up and in front of the human body. Translation: all of the advantages with less of a hazard.

What is more, the set up makes it possible for for urgent better loads than ordinarily probable with standard military services and overhead presses.

Pressing up and out, the shoulder is in a stronger situation than urgent straight up. It also gets an support from the upper body muscles, further rising how significantly bodyweight you can take care of, points out Prentiss Rhodes, C.P.T., product supervisor with the Nationwide Academy of Sporting activities Medication. 

Furthermore, the landmine shoulder push is some thing of a combine involving a free bodyweight and set bodyweight exercise, Rhodes points out. When the shoulders have to management the bodyweight in some planes of movement, they never have to operate as tough to stabilize a landmine as they do when relocating a free barbell or dumbbells.

Nevertheless, the management that the landmine shoulder push does demand is even now sufficient to enhance shoulder steadiness, Rhodes says, and it is critical to focus on owning each stage of the exercise with agency, packed shoulders. The overhead stage also demands a large amount of steadiness from the main.

Final, it is also value considering grip: The landmine shoulder push is done with a neutral grip, positioning the humerus, or higher-arm bone, inside the shoulder socket in a joint-pleasant way. A pronated grip all through shoulder workout routines tends to carry a better hazard of impingement and joint irritation.

How to Do the Landmine Shoulder Push with Excellent Sort

Bilateral Overhead Press
Justin Steele for Men’s Journal
  1. Connect the barbell to the landmine with the proper bodyweight plates and secure the load with a bodyweight clip. If you never have a dedicated landmine out there, you can spot the finish of a barbell in a corner (made by two partitions) or two large, large, rubber bodyweight plates.
  2. Stand with your ft hip-width apart, with the loaded finish of the barbell involving the balls of your ft. (Other alternatives contain a staggered stance, bracing on both of those knees, or sitting down with your legs outstretched in front of you.)
  3. With both of those arms, clean up the barbell shut to your upper body with your elbows pointed straight down towards the ground.
  4. Keeping your main and lats braced, push the bodyweight up right until your arms are absolutely prolonged. To match the weight’s arched motion route, lean marginally ahead from your ankles.
  5. Pause, slowly decreased the bodyweight back again to your upper body, and repeat. 

“Technique-clever, it is extremely critical to continue to keep the higher back again flat and main engaged, and not enable any dipping into the low back again,” says Roger Earle, C.S.C.S., C.P.T., co-writer of Excess weight Schooling: Actions to Results. This stops bodyweight from dumping into and hurting the decreased back again although also preventing any ahead rounding through the shoulders. Attempt to continue to keep your legs, torso, and arms in one very long, straight line throughout the total exercise.

As a progression, you can try the landmine shoulder push from a 50 %-kneeling or break up stance situation, urgent with one arm at a time (with the reverse leg ahead). This will focus on unilateral toughness and set a increased desire for steadiness on the shoulder and rotator cuff muscles. It will also educate the core’s anti-rotational toughness and obliques to a large degree , Rhodes notes.

How to Combine the Landmine Shoulder Push into Your Work out Program

The landmine shoulder push can in shape seamlessly into any training routine. Depending on your programming agenda, you can add it to overall-human body, higher-human body, drive, and shoulder-certain workouts.  

If the shoulder push is one of numerous overhead urgent movements in your arsenal, think about training it two to 3 occasions for each week. Nonetheless, if you also complete numerous shoulder presses with free weights or equipment, integrating it into your workouts even once a week can be really beneficial. 

The ideal load for you is likely to be extremely personal, and based on both of those your aims and shoulder health. Mainly because the landmine shoulder push is a multi-joint shift, you can load it with a reasonably large-rep utmost to hone in on maximal toughness. For case in point, try 4 sets of six reps or five sets of five reps. 

You can also use average or gentle weights and better reps to prioritize muscular stamina or to continue to keep your hazard of injuries at a minimum amount if you have cranky joints or a historical past of shoulder troubles. Take into account every thing from three sets of 12 or fifteen reps to 4 or five sets of eight to 12 reps. The heavier you go, the earlier in your training you should really strike the shift. 

And even though the landmine push does not desire the utmost shoulder mobility, it by no means hurts to educate it. Complete a number of minutes of drills this kind of as wall slides, serratus anterior slides with a foam roller, or shoulder rotations right before having keep of the landmine.

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