Video: How to use a dry powder tube inhaler

In this article are standard guidance for utilizing a dry powder tube inhaler.

To start, twist the address off and set it down.

Subsequent, load the dose of medicine. Twist the foundation grip to the ideal as significantly as it will go. Twist it again to the left. You will hear a click on, which usually means it is really completely ready to go.

You never have to have to shake the inhaler.

Provide the inhaler to your lips in a horizontal situation. Put your lips in excess of the tube and consider a rapid, deep breath. Keep on inhaling speedily and deeply.

If you have to have a different dose of medicine, repeat the former techniques.

If you unintentionally blow into your inhaler after loading a dose, start in excess of and load a new dose. The tube inhaler is designed to supply a person dose at a time.

When you are completed, spot the address again on the inhaler and twist shut. Keep your inhaler dry and retail outlet it at place temperature.

Your inhaler may appear with a little bit distinctive guidance. Question your doctor for a demonstration.