What Happens When You Sleep Too Much?

Adequate sleep is important for protecting excellent health and fitness, but is there a hazard in having far too a lot sleep? Though we could possibly be tempted to sleep extensive hours on the weekend, industry experts suggest oversleeping may perhaps be a indicator of much more serious health and fitness ailments, this kind of as thyroid issues and coronary heart ailment. Furthermore, the wish to oversleep is now linked to psychological health and fitness troubles, this kind of as nervousness and melancholy.

All through this posting, we examine how a lot sleep is far too a lot. We also consider a closer search at the will cause and outcomes of oversleeping.

How Substantially Snooze Is Also Substantially?

Your age generally determines the sum of sleep you have to have for each night. On the other hand, your all round health and fitness, life-style patterns, and specific issues may perhaps also affect your sleep demands. For illustration, if you have been especially lively or are going by means of an sickness or stressful existence predicament, you may perhaps demand much more relaxation than usual.

These changes apart, most grown ups really should get in between 7 to eight hours of sleep for each night. Below, we outline the United States Center for Ailment Control and Prevention’s (CDC) sleep tips primarily based on age.

  • New child ( to three months): fourteen to 17 hours (like naps)
  • Toddler (4 to twelve months): twelve to 16 hours (like naps)
  • Toddler (1 to 2 many years): 11 to fourteen hours (like naps)
  • Preschool (three to five many years): 10 to thirteen hours (like naps)
  • School age (6 to twelve many years): 9 to twelve hours
  • Teenagers (thirteen to 18 many years): eight to 10 hours
  • Grownups (18 to sixty five many years): 7 to eight hours

Causes of Oversleeping

As we pointed out earlier mentioned, several things may perhaps result in excessive tiredness. The subsequent sleep issues and professional medical ailments can result in oversleeping.

  • Idiopathic hypersomnia: Also called excessive daytime sleepiness (EDS), hypersomnia will cause the extreme have to have to sleep for the duration of the working day. The wish to sleep is not satisfied by daytime napping and often benefits in for a longer time sleep durations at night. Hypersomnia is often accompanied by minimal vitality degrees, difficulties concentrating, very poor memory retention, and nervousness signs or symptoms. Those with hypersomnia often have to have 10 to twelve hours of sleep.
  • Obstructive sleep apnea: This sleep condition will cause breathing to start out and stop for the duration of sleep. Therefore, people with sleep apnea often expertise nighttime disruptions that affect their usual sleep cycle, creating them to lengthen their sleep time.
  • Depression: Persistent exhaustion is a person of the most widespread signs or symptoms of big depressive condition (MDD). On top of that, antidepressant prescription drugs can also result in extreme sleepiness.
  • Particular prescription drugs: Some prescription drugs may perhaps result in drowsiness that will increase our have to have for much more sleep at night. Particular prescriptions can also make it hard to chill out and fall asleep at night—disrupting the normal circadian rhythm and creating the wish to oversleep.
  • Narcolepsy: The inconsistency of REM sleep and excessive sleepiness often will cause people with narcolepsy to oversleep.
  • Coronary heart ailment: Regular exhaustion may perhaps be a indicator of coronary heart ailment. The heart’s lack of ability to pump successfully can lead to very poor circulation, minimal vitality degrees, and persistent exhaustion.
  • Thyroid troubles: Thyroid issues can have a unfavorable effects on vitality degrees, sleep designs, and mood. Hypothyroidism will cause sluggishness, melancholy, and exhaustion, whilst hyperthyroidism will cause restlessness, irritability, issue falling asleep, and nervousness.

Results of Oversleeping

Below, we outline the health and fitness outcomes related with oversleeping.

  • Weight problems: Investigate suggests people who consistently sleep 9 to 10 hours a night are much more probably to expertise excessive body weight achieve and obesity.
  • Diabetes: While investigate is inconclusive, some reports demonstrate a reasonable affiliation with diabetic issues and improved sleep times among middle-aged and more mature gals. A person Nationwide Library of Medication review followed 276 folks around 6 many years and identified that people with the two small and extensive sleep durations have been much more probably to expertise a glucose intolerance, which prospects to diabetic issues.
  • Again Ache: Very long sleepers are much more probably to expertise agony and joint irritation, specially in the lumbar location. This is often owing to muscle mass exhaustion which occurs when resting on your again for an extended time. Oversleeping on an unsupportive mattress or in an awkward position can also lead to persistent again agony.
  • Complications: Sleeping for a longer time than regular often will cause a hormonal imbalance which can lead to head aches.
  • Anxiety and melancholy: A constant sleep program will help maintain hormone degrees. When we remain in bed for a longer time than needed, our cortisol, adrenalin, and serotonin degrees can turn out to be imbalanced, earning it hard for us to regulate stress and nervousness. Above time, this imbalance may perhaps lead to melancholy.
  • Coronary heart ailment: Studies suggest the two adult males and gals who expertise inadequate or excessive amounts of sleep have an improved risk of cardiovascular ailment and a better mortality level owing to coronary heart troubles. 
  • Stroke: A 6-year review involving 31,750 grown ups with an regular age of sixty three identified that people who slept much more than eight hours a night have been 23 per cent much more probably to have a stroke than people who slept in between 7 and eight hours a night.
  • Inadequate immune functionality: A for a longer time sleep period can affect the output of cytokines, the group of proteins, peptides, or glycoproteins that assist the immune system. As a outcome, for a longer time than usual sleep times can outcome in very poor immune functionality.

Strategies to Stay clear of Oversleeping

The subsequent tips can assistance you get a excellent night’s sleep and steer clear of the unsafe troubles of oversleeping.

  • Sustain a constant sleep program: Retaining a established bedtime and wake-up time makes certain you get in between 7 and eight hours of sleep. As well as, a constant sleep program can protect against a hormonal imbalance which may perhaps lead to oversleeping. Above time, your system turns into conditioned to hope relaxation for the duration of these times, earning it easier for you to fall asleep and wake up every single morning.
  • Stay clear of caffeinated drinks immediately after 2 p.m: Drinks with caffeine, this kind of as soda and espresso, can encourage the nervous system and make it hard for you to get tranquil shuteye. Additionally, espresso can make you experience sleepy alternatively than notify, primary to daytime drowsiness. Caffeine is recognised to lower the sum of deep sleep you expertise, earning it much more probably you will oversleep.
  • Produce the fantastic sleep space: It is important to make your bedroom as snug, peaceful, and darkish as doable to promote deep, restful sleep. Set up blackout curtains to block light, use ear plugs if exterior noises continue to keep you awake, and continue to keep electronics out of the bedroom. These changes can assistance you uncover greater quality relaxation and assure you do not oversleep.
  • Stay clear of blue light publicity: Melatonin, the sleep hormone, is triggered by darkness. All through the working day, when we are exposed to sunlight, melatonin output is minimal to continue to keep us notify. On the other hand, as the sunshine sets, and we are exposed to significantly less light, melatonin will increase, and we turn out to be weary. The blue light from electronic units can mimic the outcomes of sunlight and protect against melatonin output, earning it more difficult for us to fall asleep. 
  • Continue to keep a sleep diary: A sleep diary can assistance you continue to keep keep track of of your sleep patterns and how they affect your mood, behavior, and all round health and fitness.

Usually Asked Questions

Why do I experience sleepy even immediately after sleeping for eight hours?

If you experience sleepy even immediately after a total eight hours of sleep, you may perhaps not have seasoned satisfactory time in deep sleep or REM sleep. These sleep phases are recognised to be the most restorative phases for the reason that they are accountable for several essential features, this kind of as restoring muscle mass tissue, cleaning the mind, and consolidating memory. With out sufficient time in these phases of sleep, you may perhaps experience groggy even immediately after a total night of relaxation.

Is it harmful to sleep for the duration of the working day and be awake at night?

Sleeping for the duration of the working day and being awake at night can disrupt your normal sleep-wake cycle and result in a hormone imbalance. When the output of melatonin, cortisol, and other hormones turns into irregular, usual bodily features, this kind of as hunger, immune functionality, and digestion, are also disrupted. Additionally, an erratic sleep-wake program can also make it hard for us to stay notify for the duration of the working day and sleep by natural means at night.

Do I have hypersomnia?

If you expertise durations of extreme daytime sleepiness or prolonged nighttime sleeping, you may perhaps have hypersomnia. Those with hypersomnia also expertise nervousness, minimal vitality, reduction of hunger, and very poor memory. Hypersomnia is often a facet result of an additional sleep condition, this kind of as narcolepsy or sleep apnea.

Do you melt away energy when sleeping?

As the system carries out important features for the duration of sleep, we by natural means melt away energy. The sum of energy you melt away whilst sleeping relies upon on your system body weight and metabolic rate. Typically, a particular person who weighs one hundred twenty five lbs burns 38 energy for each hour when sleeping. Another person who weighs 185 lbs burns about 56 energy for each hour.

What is somniphobia?

Somniphobia, also recognised as sleep nervousness or sleep dread, is the rigorous concern of sleep or bedtime. This condition often benefits in sleeplessness and nervousness for the reason that folks are apprehensive about sleep throughout the working day. Those with somniphobia generally have sleep paralysis and night terrors.


There is a wonderful line in between satisfactory sleep and far too a lot sleep. On the other hand, if you listen to your system, maintain a constant sleep program, and exercise excellent sleep cleanliness, you can enjoy the gains of a total eight hours and lower the risk of oversleeping. If you believe that your inclination to oversleep is connected to a much more critical health and fitness difficulty, be guaranteed to examine these signs or symptoms with your medical professional. They may perhaps be capable to assistance you make a extensive approach for greater quality sleep.

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