Why Faces canada products are my personal favorites?

Why Faces canada products are my personal favorites?

I have always been a lazy goose when it comes to makeup. My ADHD has always hindered my makeup experience. Having the patience to blend foundation, and do eye makeup has always been a task. That’s when I came across Faces Canada products. I must say that my makeup experience became easier and more enjoyable and daily makeup became my routine. Hence sharing my go-to makeup products by Faces Canada.

Faces Canada Products

Face Canada products that I swear by

1. All Day Hydra Matte Foundation

The all-day hydra matte foundation is a foundation cum sunscreen cum moisturizer. It doesn’t need to be blended as we can apply it with bare hands like a moisturizer. It is lightweight and non-oily, this gets absorbed totally into the skin. This saves application time. There are 10 shades of this foundation available and hence all skin types can use it.

2. Fresh Eye kajal

This is the answer for my years-long peril of not being able to kohl line my eyes as I couldn’t patiently hold on to drawing the waterline or outside for that matter. The fresh eye kajal with the twist-up pen and dark and transfer-proof payoff make it my favorite eye makeup. With the increased screentime, my eyes used to look droopy but one stroke of the kajal does the job. I don’t have to redraw or thicken the kajal as it is given the dark line in one flick.

3. Ultime pro eye style liner

My dream to have a winged eyeliner came true with this Ultime Pro lifestyle by face Canada. The .4mm Flexi tip applicator helps in giving ultra thin yet dark lines along with dramatic ones.

Three golden rules of skin care

4. Vitamin C lip balm

For quick makeup, I always prefer non-tinted lip balms with a mild glowy effect. This moisture-lock lip balm makes the lips look luscious. The formula is one of the rarest lip balms which gives sun protection.

5. Weightless Creme Finish Lipstick

Designed for Indian skin tone, the lipstick by Face Canada gives a natural pout with a beautiful tint to the lips. The shade that I opted for was summer ready. It is a beautiful shade of nude pink that lasts a long. Despite being a creamy lipstick it is still long-lasting.

Faces Canada Products are range of makeup products that I use regularly and with ease. What is yours?

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