5 Reasons You May Require a Dental Filling

5 reasons you may need dental Filling - Karen Dental

Dental fillings have been in use for centuries. These oral health treatments have saved lots of teeth. If you have a tooth cavity, fillings Pearland offers a convenient and affordable way to repair minor tooth damage and prevent further damage. However, most individuals assume the only reason for getting a dental filling is to fill the space left by a cavity. While filling a cavity is certainly the main reason to get a dental filling, there are other reasons worth noting. Here is a look at the top five reasons for considering a dental filling.

Tooth Cavity

As stated earlier, teeth cavities are the most common problem that needs a dental filling. They occur because of decay. If not treated, cavities can cause more severe problems, such as infections needing more treatment, like a root canal. Therefore, dental fillings offer the best and most convenient treatment once you have a cavity. Fillings restore the natural functionality of the tooth and eliminate any pain.

A Cracked Tooth

Cracked teeth present as a common problem among dental patients. Sometimes, you might not even realize you have a cracked tooth until you visit a dentist due to a toothache. A cracked tooth can result from an injury, biting something hard, or teeth grinding or clenching. When diagnosed early, cracked teeth are easy to treat. Your dentist might clean the tooth to eliminate bacteria and give you a dental filling. However, you should get a dental crown if the crack is big.

You Have a Chipped Tooth

Your tooth can get chipped due to an accident or injury. Grinding and biting can also cause your tooth to chip. Similar to fixing a cracked tooth, dental fillings can repair a chipped tooth, except that it’s placed on the exterior of the tooth to rebuild its shape.

Small Holes on Your Teeth

If you are struggling with teeth sensitivity and pain, it might be caused by small holes in your teeth. These small holes can accumulate pieces of food, resulting in a bacterial build-up and, eventually, teeth decay. In this case, your dentist might recommend dental filing to remove these holes and prevent extra decay.

Replacing A Dental Filling

A dental filling is not permanent. If you have already gotten one, it will wear down with time, sometimes separating from the tooth and failing out. When this occurs, it exposes your teeth to bacteria and infections. It is best to visit a dentist and refill the tooth. Sometimes you might only realize you don’t have the filling due to toothache from exposure to the nerves and bacterial buildup. Regular visits to your dentist are important as they can catch these issues in their early stages and replace the lost fillings. 

There you have it! These are the five common reasons your dentist might recommend a dental filling. If you think you need a dental filling, you should visit a dentist as soon as possible. The dentist will recommend the best type of filling to help reinstate your tooth to its natural state. How long the fillings last depend on several factors, including the material used and your oral hygiene. A dental filling is a simple procedure that can prevent severe problems with your teeth.

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