Been Sitting All Day? An Ultimate Solution For Your Back Pain

Don't take back pain sitting down - Harvard Health

The modern work culture is designed to make you sit for long hours in one place. Working from home has worsened it, and people are now lying in their places for prolonged periods without physical movement. 

People work more than 40 hours a week by sitting, and this has caused a major concern for back pain. It affects people irrespective of age group and leads to severe problems of low mobility spines. The back pain demands a solution beyond ergonomic workstations to improve the sitting posture for the people in Macon and GA. However, if there is acute and severe pain, visiting a spine specialist Macon, GA, would be the best solution. 

What is the Solution to Back Pain due to Sitting? 

  • Adapting Better Posture: When you sit for a long time in one place, your body becomes stiff and starts paining mildly. If you are at the early stage, there will be pain, a warning sign for improving your posture. The bad posture will lead to slouching and even lead to joint problems. Therefore, at the early stage or before starting the pain, fix your posture by sitting straight, keeping your shoulders relaxed, and finding support for the chair for your back. 
  • Break Between Working Hours: Breaks between working hours improve productivity and ensure that your body is relaxed. You can switch positions for 10-15 minutes and practice quick stretching for your back. Sitting for long hours in one place locks your body; therefore, breaks can help you unlock. 
  • Use a Support: Sitting needs to be supported by the chair, and the back should not be without support. It takes more effort for the back to keep it straight without support. So, it is important to take the support of a pillow or directly to the chair. 
  • Stretching and Exercise: Stretching and some physical movements can help you support your core muscles. Stretching does not mean you will indulge in heavy exercises without guidance; you can start with basic stretches like planks, cat-cow position, and other such exercises. 
  • Use Heat Pad: Heat pads are soothing for some people, and therefore, if you are facing initial back pain, you can use heat pads for proper blood flow in the back. 

Back pain starts with mid pain leading to a worsening impact on the body. If you are not finding any relief from the above solutions, you can consult medical facilities for better results. There are various spine centers in Macon and GA that you can visit for better solutions. So, visit Spine Specialist Macon, GA, and get relief from your back problems. 

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