Benefits of Sandalwood  In Your Skin Care Regime

Skin Care: Benefits of sandalwood oil that makes it an underrated essential  oil | PINKVILLA

Sandalwood is a popular herb used for various medicinal reasons all over South Asia. However, another interesting fact to note is that Sandalwood has various skin care benefits as well. Sandalwood has been used in several home remedies because of its cooling and nourishing effects. Moreover, Sandalwood is easy to find and can be incorporated in your skin care regime as a stand alone material or as a part of a face mask easily. 

Here are a few sandalwood benefits for skin.

To remove Tanning and Pigmentation

Sandalwood is a completely natural ingredient that can help to cleanse uneven skin tone and tanning to restore your natural glow and skin tone. This herb is extremely beneficial in tackling tanning and pigmentation which is often caused due to excessive exposure to sunlight. To get the most benefits, mix Sandalwood with Aloe Vera Gel and a half teaspoon of lemon juice to form a paste and apply it to your face evenly. 

Sandalwood will show you quick results and give you healthy and clean skin.

Reduces Acne

If you are wondering how to exfoliate skin naturally, then Sandalwood is the correct answer. Sandalwood has anti-inflammatory properties that cleanse out the skin cells which in turn reduces the acne. Moreover, Sandalwood also absorbs all the excess oil from your skin which is partly responsible for the acne breakout. Moreover, Sandalwood also helps in closing the skin pores by removing the residues from them and giving you a clearer and pore-free skin.

You can mix sandalwood with turmeric powder and rose water to create a mask and apply it directly to your skin. 

Stops Premature Ageing

Premature ageing is caused due to the movement of free radicals in your skin when exposed to sunlight and dirt. Sandalwood has antioxidant properties that reduces the free radical activity and stops premature ageing. Moreover, Sandalwood also tightens your skin and restores its natural moisture which benefits the skin and helps you give a glowy skin. 

You can mix Sandalwood with Yoghurt or Malai (dry skin) or green-tea (oily skin) depending upon your skin type and see tremendous change. 

How to add Sandalwood in your daily Skin Care routine?

Sandalwood is good for all skin types but it might cause irritation to extremely sensitive skin. However, by doing a patch test and mixing Sandalwood with a carrier oil or a mixer such as rose water will help to dilute the effects of the herb. You can use the herb in a face mask by mixing with other natural ingredients such as rose water, honey, yoghurt, lemon juice, to create a smooth mask which will also contain the benefits of the mixer ingredient. 

You can also use Sandalwood scrub such as Coco Soul Face Scrub to gently exfoliate your skin and observe smooth and glowy skin in no time. Coco Soul is an all-natural brand that provides exceptional hair care and skin care products. 


Natural herbs such as Sandalwood have several healing and medicinal properties which have been used for decades as home remedies because of their several advantages. If your job or daily life involves going out which has caused pigmentation or tanning, Sandalwood can be a lifesaver for you.