Best Used Bikes to Buy, According to Experts

These times, everyone is hoping to acquire a bicycle. The pandemic-fueled “bike boom” is exhibiting no symptoms of halting, and that usually means getting your palms on a manufacturer-new set of wheels is going to value you both equally time (due to manufacturing delays) and a great chunk of revenue. But that is not the only way to start out riding: You can also shop used bikes. There are loads of economical, large-high-quality used bikes out there ready to locate a new residence. The only challenging part is acquiring them.



To manual you on your used-bicycle research, we enlisted the support of 3 authorities: Peter Vermeren, owner of L.A. bicycle shop Coco’s Assortment (which specializes in used bicycle refurbishments) Kevin Jarrett, owner of The MTB Recyclist, an eBay enterprise devoted to rehabbing classic mountain bicycle elements and Christina Grande, owner and manual at Alaska Bike Adventures. They offered some sage advice to hold in head as you shop, and gave their recs for great used bikes you can decide on up on a spending plan of $one,000 or fewer.

Shop Like a Pro

When shopping, the overarching aim is to locate a bicycle that hasn’t been abused. Utilized-bicycle listings abound on the net, and Craigslist and Fb Market are great locations to look. Your local bicycle shop can also be a terrific useful resource. It may possibly promote rehabbed bikes, or the staff may know of another shop that does. No make any difference the place you research, evaluate every single bicycle for noticeable symptoms of harm and neglect, states Vermeren, which include body rust, bent frames, cracks in the paint (which could be a indication of body harm), and rusty spokes. If you see any of the earlier mentioned, the bicycle is not value your time.

Aside from inspecting for harm, check out to figure out if a bicycle has its authentic elements. Jarrett and Grande suggest resources like Sheldon Brown, Bicycle Blue Guide, and Bikepedia to track down information on the authentic machines for many models. If the drivetrain, brakes, brake levers, and shifters are all cobbled with each other from distinctive makes, they possible won’t purpose nicely. In addition, substitute elements are also in shorter provide correct now, so getting your palms on the accurate elements could be complicated.

Last but not least, make guaranteed the bicycle rides nicely and fits you. When you go to examine it out in-man or woman, look intently for put on, examine for mismatched elements, and spin the wheels to make guaranteed they are accurate (i.e. not bent and wobbly). One more suggestion: Get a chain stretch tool to examine for a worn-out chain.

“If almost nothing else,” states Vermeren, “you’re dropping science and they are like, ‘Whoa, this man or woman really serious.’ Then you can acquire it for much less expensive.”

Constantly, always, always give it a take a look at ride. Check the brakes and the shifting and, most importantly, make guaranteed the bicycle feels relaxed. You shouldn’t have to stretch out too significantly to attain the handlebars, for case in point, and you should really be in a position to stand around the bicycle with fifty percent an inch of clearance between your groin and the top tube.

“If it doesn’t healthy,” states Vermeren, “then that is not a risk-free bicycle for you.”

Ready to shop? Right here are some used-bicycle models to look out for.

The Ideal Utilized Bikes to Acquire

one. ’90s Rigid Mountain Bikes

As extended as it’s in decent situation, a rigid steel-body mountain bicycle from the early- to mid-nineteen nineties is a risk-free guess for a trusted, able ride. A pre-1997 Trek 930 (far more information below) or a Bridgestone MB-3 designed prior to 1995 (a preferred of this writer) are terrific alternatives to look out for, states Jarrett. A Specialised Stumpjumper or Rockhopper are also high-quality models, and if you have your heart set on an aluminum body, he recommends acquiring a Cannondale M400, a terrific light-weight decide on.

No make any difference what classic MTB you look at, be wary of anything with suspension. Make guaranteed you inquire the owner if those elements have been serviced by a pro, states Grande. In Vermeren’s view, it’s greater to stay clear of suspension altogether on more mature bikes—he and his staff have acquired the really hard way that these suspension units are frequently abused and on their way to failure.

“No human becoming has been protecting the suspension, in accordance to the proposed cycles for rebuilding and cleansing,” he states.

2. Aluminum Street Bikes

If you ride mainly for work out or are looking to get into really serious highway biking, you can not go incorrect with a nicely-taken care of, entry-degree aluminum highway bicycle. Aluminum frames are lighter than steel, so they’ll come to feel speedy and agile, and there are loads of high-quality models out there to pick from. For starters, Vermeren recommends looking for a Bianchi By way of Nirone, a Specialised Sirrus, or a Large Contend.

Though you may possibly be tempted to look into carbon fiber frames, it’s greater to stay clear of them if you are shopping on a spending plan, states Vermeren. It’s complicated to tell if a carbon body is cracked, even when you examine it in man or woman.

“For an newbie, you can not reliably acquire a carbon bicycle,” he states. “There are too many unknowns.”

3. Linus Roadster or Linus Pronto

An upright metropolis cruiser with common model, Linus bikes are terrific for commuting or just riding for entertaining. The Roadster is a solitary-speed bicycle (most likely best if you reside in a somewhat flat location), and the Pronto has a 3-speed rear hub. Vermeren likes them because they are very simple and easy to ride.

“That’s the bicycle that most people will need,” he states.

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