Household-specific physical activity levels and energy intakes according to the presence of metabolic syndrome in Korean young adults: Korean National Health

This study investigated differences in PA levels and energy intake by household-type and the presence of MetS in a young adult Korean population, to understand the relationships among these factors. We found that components of MetS, such as a large waist circumference, hyperlipidemia, low HDL-C levels, and high fasting blood […]

Association of PPIs with gastric cancer

Recent study from Hong Kong suggests an association between long-term use of proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) and gastric cancer. Gastric cancer is a leading cause of high mortality and morbidity in the world, particularly in East Asia. There is triggering of inflammation and neoplasia subsequent to helicobacter pylori, which profoundly […]

Restore Work-Life Balance in Recovery

We know how hard it is to go through addiction and it’s harder to maintain life after recovery. Because the craving one feels during recovery is anything but subtle. And that’s why patients should continue their aftercare treatment after coming out of suboxone treatment centers properly. However, it is easier […]

How Opiates Control Your Cravings?

Shedding light on the extent of damage opioid does to the human brain may help teenagers and adults reconsider their choices. Opioid may cause acute changes in the brain within a few weeks. Moreover, studies have also corroborated these claims. Recent research on people who used Morphine for only a […]