Everything You Need to Know to Get Into Freshwater SUP Fishing

The standup paddleboard development would seem to have been having about the outside space in new several years. It’s really hard to undertaking to a lake, river, or shoreline without having viewing the the hefty boards out and about, paddlers conveniently navigating the drinking water with seemingly easy strokes. SUPs present a strong workout option, a enjoyable floating choice for sunset cocktail hour and a fresh way to tour waterways with good friends.

But for a subset of SUP customers, these floating boards have also changed up an additional beloved pastime: fishing.

Two women fish from stand-up paddleboards on Oregon's John Day River.
Photo: Jess McGlothlin Media

Fishing from a SUP is a superior thought at times and not at other individuals just as it is a healthy for some anglers and probably not the very best choice for sure customers. For each spin fishers and fly anglers, it offers a fresh way to explore waters you may have otherwise cruised proper previous in the boat. SUPs draft considerably shallower than the normal raft, drift boat or bass boat—often as small as 5 inches with fins—allowing obtain to drinking water that otherwise is unreachable.

For reasonably healthy paddlers with reasonably superior equilibrium who are navigating even now or gradual-relocating waterways, paddleboards are a very-cellular fishing system. It’s shockingly quick to pick up the paddling stroke, and with the choice to fall to one’s knees in turbulent drinking water, there is no motive to be intimidated by hoping out a SUP for the very first time.

There are numerous paddleboard iterations on the market today: from surf hybrids, fishing-distinct boards, conditioning-minded SUPs and even gigantic, 8-human being mega boards. And all paddleboards drop inside a person of two groups: either inflatable or really hard (at times termed fiberglass or epoxy boards).

Inflatable SUPs have grown in level of popularity about the previous numerous several years, and for superior motive. Deflated, they ordinarily roll up to healthy into a massive backpack, providing quick transportation and storage. The sheer displacement of the boards usually means they are pretty secure (broader or thicker board are even additional so), and they are very sturdy, showing amazing tolerance for accidental bumps into rocks on the river. Think about rowing a raft vs . a really hard-sided drift boat the raft will fare superior when you rub that hidden rock in the center of the river.

SUPs and rafts wait on the edge of a river.
Photo: Jess McGlothlin Media

Hard boards, definitely not pretty as quick to transportation or retail outlet as their inflatable brethren, are a bit additional agile and offer you superior glide—important for conditioning fans and touring SUP customers. Featuring superior pace and a additional productive experience at prolonged distances, numerous really hard boards can be applied for SUP surfing as well.

For anglers, even so, inflatable boards are the too much to handle development, largely due to their steadiness and relieve of transportation. For fishing, search for an inflatable board with a planing hull—the entrance of the board will surface vast and flat (with no V-condition on the bottom of the board), which provides steadiness and superior maneuvering.

In distinction, displacement hulls have a pointed nose and contoured bottom, and although they slice by means of the drinking water additional conveniently, providing improved electricity and a a lot quicker experience, they are a bit less secure for the back again-and-forth fishing.

Woman on stand-up paddleboard navigates the John Day River in Oregon.
Photo: Jess McGlothlin Media

A lot of new SUP anglers are so concerned with the believed of slipping in that they disregard equipment business on the boat. The past detail you want is for a significant-stop rod to be tipping off the aspect of your board or underfoot as you are hoping to paddle. Numerous manufacturers offer you suction-on rod mounts, intended to experience on the entrance of the board and keep your rod in a forward vertical position, preserving it out from underfoot and properly secured right up until you will need it. It’s a worthwhile investment for each relieve of use and peace of head.

Devote in a superior water resistant bag or situation (I favor the YETI Hopper Flip 12 Cooler) and strap it to the entrance portion of your SUP. This provides you a “hub” for tackle/fly boxes, drinking water bottles, PFD … anything at all that you really do not want to roll off the boat. Use the SUP’s bungee process or strap the bag to your board, and keep it shut snugly when not in use. The objective with on-board storage is to keep matters well-mounted. If the board somehow flipped about (very not likely), would your equipment even now be connected when you flipped it back again about? Make sure that it would be.

Dry bags are also a favourite for individuals things you want to keep near, like sunscreen, a cell cellular phone or keys. Come across a basic roll-prime model like the Discovery Watch Dry Bag, and keep it sealed and buckled around a strap. It’s an quick way to keep organized and can go with you if you select to prevent and leave your board on the beach front for a although. Some anglers like to provide along a complete-measurement cooler, positioning it mid-board as a seat although paddling. It can insert a large amount of bulk and limit your maneuverability on the boat, so assure you even now can move and paddle easily if you select to provide a person along.

SUPs are not exempt to the rules of the river. Courtesy around other watercraft is paramount, especially on active waterways with numerous other anglers. Really don’t be that paddler that tends to make the “drift boat” men detest on SUPs for the relaxation of their lives. Thrust around other peoples’ boats with reasonable space in between (SUPs are additional maneuverable than most bigger boats). View for angler’s casting lanes and respect the space, just as you would in any other watercraft. Smile, wave and enjoy like a big kid.

Specially for individuals more recent to paddleboarding, remember you really do not will need to be a rock-star, sixty-foot caster when fishing from a board. In simple fact, it is superior if you are not. Fishing from a SUP presents increased maneuverability and stealthiness, so really do not be frightened to move well inside your casting ease and comfort zone and keep your casts near as you get applied to the experience of casting from a more compact system. Casting from a board is a new experience and will possible feel wobbly at very first, but soon after a bit of practice it is remarkably secure (and somewhat productive).

Floating traces are often a lot easier to handle from a SUP, and think about bringing along a stripping basket (milk crates make wonderful makeshift baskets) to pool your stripped line into. Eyeball the entrance of your SUP and lower surfaces that could most likely snag your line. Flip D-rings down, protected the fasteners on your box or bag and keep every thing streamlined—this will go a prolonged way to preventing the frustrations that at times come from taking care of fly line on any sort of boat.

Woman fly-fishing from SUP on Oregon's John Day River.
Photo: Jess McGlothlin Media

Perform around on the board ahead of you ever pick up a rod on the SUP get applied to dropping to your knees and popping up once again, altering your class with minimal paddling, and just relocating around on the boat. Choose up your rod and put the paddle down lengthwise on the boat, between your feet, and practice switching back again-and-forth.

The wind can have a unpleasant habit of kicking up just as you hook into a fish, and at some stage, you will discover oneself juggling each a rod and a paddle, hoping to right your drift although taking care of a fish. A small practice in progress will make the juggling system significantly smoother.

And last of all, keep ‘em moist! Drop to your knees when managing fish, leaning carefully about the aspect of the SUP and getting rid of the hook with minimal managing. “Keep ‘em wet” is a motion intended to assist anglers release fish with minimal stress: reducing air exposure, doing away with get in touch with with dry surfaces, and lowering managing. Consider to steer clear of bringing fish onto the board most fishing SUPs are secure enough it is pretty quick to fall to your knees and lean about, or even sit astride the board although taking care of a fish. Do your portion to assist assure a healthier release so somebody else can capture that same fish in the long run.

A woman releases a smallmouth bass caught while fly fishing from a paddleboard on the John Day River in Oregon.
Photo: Jess McGlothlin Media

Fishing from a SUP presents a new experience for seasoned anglers, and an enticing intro into fishing for watersports fans. For individuals seeking to get in a workout although fishing, have good friends who paddleboard, or are just seeking for one thing distinct, it is a definitely enjoyable way to delight in the drinking water, obstacle one’s fishing skills, and perhaps drop in enjoy with a new activity.

Anglers who are applied to fishing from kayaks or canoes will discover their capability to location fish significantly increased although standing, and quickly will discover their focus on the fish, not on their equilibrium.

Notes on Equipment

Any SUP that is reasonably vast and thick (numerous boards run 32- to 34-inches vast some, like BOTE’s Rackham Aero are as vast as 38 inches, providing increased steadiness) will function wonderful as a fishing system. Some, like Overall body Glove’s Mariner, are marketed as fishing-distinct boards with functions intended for the angler: attachment details for rod holders and an anchor line process. NRS’s Heron functions two aspect chambers that inflate for extreme steadiness, acting like outriggers—rendering the craft a small less productive for prolonged paddles but extremely secure for angling.

And of class, it is smart to pack along the requisite basic safety equipment. Use a everyday living jacket (PFD)—there are so numerous minimalist, comfortable possibilities on the market there is no justification not to. If you are crossing turbulent drinking water, think about a leash so, in situation you portion ways with your board, you keep on being tethered. Come across a paddle that fits your personal desires anglers often request out ergonomic, light-weight paddles and break down into a few parts for quick storage and transportation. Increase in light-weight, sun-protecting clothes and a tube of sunscreen and you are superior to go.

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