How Models Get Back in Shape After Pregnancy

How Victoria's Secret Models Stay Fit While Pregnant | Parents

Getting your body back in shape after pregnancy could be hard and it could be its own journey in itself. There are people who choose to get liposuction after surgery but in order to do that, you have to have an understanding of how body sculpting works before you make the decision to get one yourself. Here are a few things you should know on how models get back in shape after pregnancy.

Do Models Get Tummy Tucks After Pregnancy?

There are some people who choose to get their tummy tucked after giving birth because they would have extra skin that would hang out after they give birth. They choose to have this procedure because their job needs it, or the loose skin would have caused them to be insecure.

How Long Does It Take to Get Back in Shape After Having a Baby?

It could take a few weeks, even months for your body to get back into the same shape that your body was before your pregnancy. It for sure does not happen right after you pop your beautiful baby out of your womb. After you give birth, you would typically lose about 13 pounds and while your body adjusts, you would lose maybe about 5 to 15 more over the next few weeks, then over a year for you to lose the rest. One thing you have to know though is that you would be able to get up and go back to exercising after a few days, depending on how fast your body would be able to recover, and how you feel physically, emotionally, and mentally.

How To Get My Figure Back After Pregnancy?

  1. Basic crunches

You could place your finger just right above your belly button when you are going to crunches and watch your abdominals separating. Slowly increase the number of fingers that you put there and once you are able to reach about 3 or more, then you have this condition called diastasis recti so you are going to have to draw your abs back together before you could start any activity that puts too much force on your abdomen. When you are performing a crunch, you are going to have to place your hands on either side of the separated part so that it could draw them together then perform the exercise. But it is best that you go and consult a doctor to make sure that you are able to do these kinds of work-outs to be safe.

  1. Walking

You could go out and start walking once your doctor gives you the clear go to do that so that you could actually start burning calories. You could set your target steps a day and gradually work your way through your goal. Every week, you could increase your goal by 10 percent a week so that you could slowly get back into shape.

  1. Kegels 

Kegels and pelvic tilts would help in your blood supply. It would be able to increase it and speed your recovery up since you would be able to activate the transverse abdominals when you breathe out and draw in your belly. This would help you get your abs back (or help you get abs) since you are going to be forming a stronger foundation. You would be able to do these exercises after a day or two of giving birth, again, depending on what your doctor says and recommends.

  1. Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding could naturally help you lose weight since when you are breastfeeding, a lot of your weight could actually come from the milk that you are naturally forming. It is said that breastfeeding could actually help you lose about 600 calories a day, depending on how many times you feed your newborn child. So when you breastfeed, go on a proper diet, and exercise daily, then it would help you lose your pregnancy weight and then some.

  1. Body Sculpting

After you give birth, there are going to be some excess skin and fat that could not be removed with just a simple diet and exercise, that is when body sculpting comes in. Usually, women would get liposuction because they want to get rid of stubborn fats and loose skin, the body would then freeze or laser some of your body fat cells in the certain area of your choosing, and they would not come back once they are destroyed. Though, you are going to have to remember that the only things that are being destroyed are the fat cells in certain areas of your body but not the rest, so you are still going to have to do a proper diet and regular exercise if you want to stay on your goal.

Is Body Sculpting Safe While Breastfeeding?

No, you should not go through with the procedure when you are still breastfeeding. Usually, you are going to be advised by professionals to wait for 6 months postpartum before you could do anything that involves any cosmetic procedures on your body, so until then you could stick with regular exercise, a well-balanced diet, and a good amount of sleep (or as much as you can).