‘Iron Cowboy’ James Lawrence Is Attempting 100 Consecutive Ironmans

5 decades in the past, James Lawrence did the difficult. More than the program of 50 times, the endurance athlete accomplished 50 consecutive Ironmans. If you are not familiar with triathlons, that is a two.4-mile swim, 112-mile bicycle experience, topped off with a whole 26.two-mile marathon. The hard work landed him in the Guinness Entire world Data with various achievements that haven’t been touched since. That is right up until now: Lawrence is trying the difficult once again, while this time he’s doubling it. That’s right, he’s aiming to finish 100 consecutive Ironmans this time. “I didn’t imagine 75 appeared difficult adequate,” Lawrence tells Men’s Journal, when questioned how he in the long run came to the amount. The phrase is mentioned with the no-nonsense frame of mind and steely aim that is attained him the moniker the Iron Cowboy. “And due to the fact why not?”



Lawrence is at this time in the midst of the Hurculean hard work in his home point out of Utah, surrounded by his team—wife, Sunny, and 5 kids. We spoke with the Iron Cowboy about how he’s coaching, recovering, and being mentally fit to finish the Conquer 100 challenge.

How ‘Iron Cowboy’ James Lawrence Prepped to Deal with 100 Consecutive Ironmans

Men’s Journal: How did the plan of the Conquer 100 get started?

James Lawrence: I’d say I initial considered it two decades in the past. My physique was getting to a place wherever it was thoroughly recovered from the 50 attempt. I was setting up to crave something new—something greater. Now that I’d accomplished the 50, carrying out additional became probable. On reflection we begun to see some of the logistical and coaching problems we manufactured. There ended up crystal clear matters we could carry out to press the boundaries even further.

What sort of a bodily toll did 50 Ironmans acquire on your physique?

There was a tear in my shoulder I had to offer with only 5 times in. I designed severe tendinitis in my legs, as well as foot blistering and toenail loss. I think I missing 6 of my 10 toenails around the program of it. I was encountering physique deterioration all through, but you just had to learn to offer with it. You learn how to regulate soreness. The major fallout I dealt with was absolutely numb fingers and toes following finishing. It likely took me 6 months, if not a calendar year, for me to get that emotion again. And now that I have it again, I’m ready to get again out there and attempt something mad once again.