More USS Roosevelt Sailors Test Positive Again

Eight more sailors on the USS Theodore Roosevelt analyzed constructive for the coronavirus yet again, in accordance to The Affiliated Press. That usually means 13 now seem to have COVID-19 a second time while doing the job on the ship.

All of these sailors went by 2 weeks of quarantine and isolation and analyzed detrimental twice more than a couple of days just before doing the job yet again.

On Friday, the Navy claimed that five sailors analyzed constructive a second time. On Saturday, a Navy official, who requested anonymity, claimed that 8 more analyzed constructive.

Officers identified the outbreak on the plane carrier in March and stopped in Guam. More than 1,000 crew analyzed constructive, and 4,000 of the 4,800 crew users went to shore for quarantine and isolation. In late April, hundreds of sailors returned to the ship in waves to get ready to sail yet again.

But some sailors began showing signs yet again in early May, these types of as a cough and fever, in accordance to Politico. Other individuals experienced human body aches and complications.

The 13 sailors have still left the ship and are again in isolation on the U.S. Naval Foundation Guam, officers told the information outlet.


Affiliated Press: “8 more sailors aboard US ship take a look at constructive a second time.”

Politico: “13 USS Theodore Roosevelt sailors take a look at constructive soon after recovering from Covid-19.”

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Tuesday May 19, 2020