NLM Classification Updated, February 4, 2022

February 7, 2022

The key target of the 2022 winter season version was the evaluation of the 2022 MeSH (Health care Issue Headings) vocabulary for inclusion in the Classification index. A number of additions and modifications were being produced to the Index and Schedules centered on this evaluation. All key index headings are now connected to the 2022 vocabulary in the MeSH Browser. Further minor updates were made to the Index and Schedules.

Summary Studies for the 2022 Winter Version

  • 14 New Class Numbers
  • 32 Modified Course Quantities
  • 3 Canceled Course Figures
  • 1 New Timetable Header
  • 2 Modified Program Headers
  • 2 Deleted Timetable Headers
  • 37 New Index Headings  (33 from 2022 MeSH)
  • 80 Modified Index Headings
  • 1 Deleted Index Heading

The 2022 summer months variation will be revealed in late August 2022. It will encompass the systematic review of WF (Respiratory Process) and WH (Hemic and Lymphatic Methods) schedules.

To understand much more about the NLM Classification see the NLM Plan on Classification

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Last Reviewed: February 7, 2022