Nurse, Doctor’s Assistant?

We found many nurses in the hospital. Not only in hospitals, we can also meet nurses in other health service units. As a health profession, nurses are tasked with serving patients along with other health professions in various service units. However, among other health professions, nurses are the closest healthcare professionals to patients. All the needs of patients while undergoing treatment in the health care unit are provided by nurses.

During this time, the nurse profession is likened to a doctor’s assistant. Nurses who carry out tasks based on doctor’s instructions and there is no realm about the duties of nurses themselves. The doctor who examined the patient each time carrying out patient visits and nurses who recorded the results of the doctor’s visit and the next action requested by the doctor. Furthermore, the nurse only does what the doctor asks during the visit.

The above view is a layman’s view of the Gifted Healthcare Long term acute care nursing jobs. Lay people still assume that nurses are a profession under a doctor’s arrangement. From this view, ordinary people also think that what is done by nurses is a doctor’s instruction without any intervention or action by the nurse. In addition, nurses do not seem to be an independent profession that has its own realm of duty.

In addition, the duties and authority of the nurse regulates the nurse’s intervention on the client. The nurse’s duty is to provide nursing care to the patient, while the doctor’s job is to cure or cure the patient of the disease. In this law, the task of providing nursing care was not initiated by another profession, but was initiated by the nurse herself. Therefore, the nurse profession is not a doctor’s assistant who only supports patient needs based on doctor’s instructions.

In addition, just like other health professions, nurses also have a professional code of ethics. Professional doctors or pharmacists also have a code of ethics that regulates the professional ethics of each health profession. The code of ethics for the nursing profession has nurse ethics coverage towards peers, other professions, and society in terms of being a client of the nurse. Therefore, in nursing there is also a realm of ethics that suits the nursing profession.

From the existence of a code of ethics and the laws governing nursing, it is proven that it is an independent profession. Nurses also have the values ​​of professionalism adopted by the nursing profession itself. With the value of professionalism, a code of ethics, and nursing laws, a nurse is a profession and not an assistant from another profession.