Top 6 Benefits of NeoGraft Hair Restoration

6 Benefits of FUE: Honest Hair Restoration: Hair Transplant Specialists

Moderate to serious hair loss could have a devastating effect on how both men and women feel about their looks. In most cases, androgenic alopecia, commonly known as male and female-pattern baldness, is responsible for hair loss and does not disappear by itself. In fact, if left untreated, gradual persistent hair loss can lead to significant balding.

While there are many products and treatments that promise to restore hair, none match up to NeoGraft hair restoration. Westport hair restoration utilizes follicular unit extraction (FUE) to restore your full head of hair. Here are the many benefits of considering NeoGraft hair restoration.

1. Natural Hair Development

Better than spray-ons, toupees, or synthetic hair transplants, a NeoGraft procedure allows you to cover thinning or balding areas with your own natural hair. By transplanting healthy follicles from regions with thicker hair development, NeoGraft allows you the best possible dentistry of hair coverage. You will be free to style and grow your hair without limitations. Feel confident understanding that your natural-looking hair is precisely that; all natural.

2. Look Years Younger

Thanks to the natural-looking outcomes that could be attained through NeoGraft procedures, men and women may look years younger. Having a complete head of hair could hugely enhance your general appearance, providing you with the edge you require to stay positive in today’s fast-paced job environment. 

3. No Scalpel or Sutures

Conventional scalpel-based hair restoration techniques rely on harvesting healthy hair follicles in clumps or strips. These techniques can leave painful, nasty scarring on the scalp, occasionally even abscesses.

Even when hair develops over these scars, they do not go away, leaving numerous patients who prefer short hair feeling just as self-conscious as before their treatment. NeoGraft hair restoration not only reduces potential scarring and discomfort but has significantly greater success rates.

4. Enjoy Long-Lasting Outcomes

Although hair loss is indeed an ongoing issue, NeoGraft hair transplants can provide longer-lasting outcomes than conventional hair transplants. Furthermore, numerous individuals notice noticeable, positive outcomes after only one session, greatly reducing the need for additional procedures. During your hair restoration consultation, you can discuss your unique needs and goals to better understand how many sessions are necessary to attain the most effective outcomes.

5. Quicker Recovery Time

Hair restoration utilizing follicular unit extraction (FUE) can take several weeks to heal. Throughout this period, you must take extra precautions and care for the delicate wound. Considering that a NeoGraft does not utilize scalpels, staples, or stitches, the recovery process is much faster and simpler. In fact, most individuals can resume their everyday activities within a few days of their procedure.

6. Low Maintenance and Worry-Free

Traditional hair restoration procedures require you to use maintenance products like conditioners and shampoos to maintain your outcomes. The year-round added expense and maintenance are a huge inconvenience. NeoGraft hair restoration results in the natural development of hair follicles, without adding anything special to your hair routine to retain hair density.

Both men and women can experience thinning hair as they age, which could often cause unhappiness and self-consciousness for many. If you are experiencing thinning hair or hair loss, you should consider arranging a NeoGraft hair restoration consultation. This revolutionary hair restoration therapy offers numerous advantages over other alternatives, including natural hair development, fast treatment, little-to-no downtime, lasting outcomes, and more. Talk to your hair restoration specialist about your unique concerns to determine if you are the right candidate for a NeoGraft procedure.

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