Top Reasons To See a Birth Control Specialist in Florida

Birth Control and Contraception: Everything You Need to Know

Birth control is nothing but preventing pregnancy while enjoying your sexual life. If you want to avoid pregnancy, many options are available for you nowadays. Wondering which one to choose from the available options? It is better to consult a birth control specialist when choosing birth control to avoid making mistakes. Below are some important things that you must consider when choosing birth control. 

  • Possible side-effects.
  • Required maintenance.
  • Your age.
  • How long can it take for you to return to a fertile state after you stop using birth control?

Choose the birth control options that are easy to use. When you see a specialist for birth control Lake Mary guidance, let them know your requirements in detail. This makes it easy for your specialist to suggest the right birth control option. Dr. Christopher K. Quinsey, MD, offers the best ways to avoid side effects when using birth control. 

The treatment center of Dr. Quinsey is highly famous for the NEXPLANON® implant, which is known to prevent pregnancy for about three years. When inserted into your upper arm, this implant releases a hormone that stops the sperm from entering your egg. While this implant can prevent pregnancy, it may not protect you from sexually transmitted diseases.  

To protect yourself from sexually transmitted diseases, you must make sure that you use condoms when having sex. 

Does it cause pain when removing the NEXPLANON® implant?

No, you will not experience any pain when removing this implant. This implant looks like a small match stick. It will be thin and flexible to pull it out. Your specialist will use anesthesia to make you feel comfortable when removing it. 

Does this implant cause infertility?

This implant doesn’t cause infertility. Studies show that this implant is safe for healthy women. If you have breast cancer or any other serious health problems, you must discuss with your specialist about them before getting this implant inserted. 

Birth Control Options

The other birth control options available in Florida are –

  • Birth control injections
  • Birth control tablets or pills
  • Vaginal ring
  • IUD
  • Birth control patches

If you choose to use the vaginal ring, you must remove it once every 21 days. Insert it into your vagina after seven days from the date of removal. Repeat this until you want to prevent pregnancy. 

Whatever the birth control option you choose, if you experience any side effects, you must immediately contact a birth control specialist. 

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