Yerba Mate Tea – What is it? Brands & Benefits (2022) – JCabale

Yerba Mate Tea – What is it? Brands & Benefits (2022) – JCabale

Tea, Coffee, Energy Drinks which one to drink? That is the question. It’s not uncommon nowadays to walk down the street and see many people with a can of Yerba Mate tea in their hands. I have to tell you it was quite shocking for me. But as trends continue and the ever-growing health and wellness industry grows we are always bound to see new products.

But is the world ready for another energy drink? I think so. I have to admit (as you know) I am very much into natural ingredients when it comes to well, anything really. This new sensation has made my dreams come true. Now that we know the world is ready, let’s dig a little deeper.

What Exactly is Yerba Mate?

Yerba mate is a tea derived from twigs and leaves of the mate plant and is said to be popular in many parts of South Africa. It is said that the caffeine content is comparable to coffee and has some amazing benefits. So what are those exactly? I’ll tell you.

Yerba Mate Benefits

May Aid in Fat Loss:

You had me at fat loss. Who doesn’t want to lose fat? Of course, we know diet and exercise play a big role in this, BUT if we can be ahead of the curve then why not. Keeping a low body is not only appealing aesthetically but is extremely good for your heart. Don’t get me wrong, we aren’t talking competition lean but a HEALTHY lean.

May Boost your Immune System

During a global pandemic, there isn’t really much more you can ask for. A stronger immune system has never been so crucial. With Yerba Mates natural inflammatory compounds as well as small doses of Vitamin E, C, and Zinc. You’ll be fighting off these gross germs in no time. So if you’re looking for a vitamin powerhouse this may be your lucky day.

Lower Blood Sugar Levels

Lower blood sugar levels lead to less hunger. Less hunger means less eating, lower calories, and loss of more body fat. Wow, these benefits just keep getting better and better. If you’re like me and always hungry then THIS…

Improvement in Cognitive Function

Caffeine has its brain-enhancing benefits, so you can see why people gravitate towards this can of awesomeness. Enhanced mood, memory, and alertness are all common benefits that Yerba Mate has said to produce.

Slows Down the Aging Process

The fountain of youth in a can, is that possible? Of course, it is. Who doesn’t want to look younger, feel younger and just feel overall amazing? A few sips of this and say goodbye to those wrinkles. Who needs botox when you have A NEW Mate?

Lowers Bad Cholesterol

We all need cholesterol good and bad. It is when the bad cholesterol gets too high or too low that a problem can arise. If high cholesterol is your problem then consider this as a solution. Or you can add avocado or two or maybe even three?

Energy Booster

If you are looking for a coffee alternative or just looking for a change grab a Yerba Mate. Early morning gym session? Mid-day pick me up? Looking to hit a personal record? Put that coffee down and throw a can into your bag! 150 mg of caffeine will surely get you there.

Best Yerba Mate on Amazon


guyaki organic yerba mate tea

This yellow can is worth your time, it has over 10 amino acids and tons of polyphenols that will have you stimulated and nourished in no time. You can’t go wrong with Guyaki, it was rated 4.7 out of 5 stars. I guess you can say she’s at the top of her class.


yachak organic plant based energy tea

There is never too much plant energy to go around. Yachak(Organic) Plant-Based Energy Tea is ready for you! 160mg of caffeine and 5 flavors to choose from your usual chemical overload drink will be taking a back seat.


amaz organic yerba mate tea with adaptogens

0 calories, what? I mean send me a case now, add to cart, express shipping. I’ll take all three. Did I mention it has adaptogens also? For those who only need a tiny bit of kick, this may be the right blend for you. Not only will you be energized but you will have an amazing sense of well-being.


clean yerba mate tea

Better Caffeine. It is no secret that coffee and energy drinks can really mess with people’s guts. Clean is Certified USDA Organic, rated 4.5 stars, low in sugar, has some of the tastiest flavors and 50% of their net profit supports addiction recovery. Another one to add to your list of clean energy!


yerbae yerba mate tea

Loaded with antioxidants, Guarana Seed Extract & White Tea Extract to provide an extra kick. Yerba ticks all the boxes that are needed in an outstanding natural energy booster. One can is equivalent to a cup of coffee at 100mgs a pop. So do yourself a favor, throw one in your bag and start the day off right! with this can of Yerba.

Other ways to consume:

Not everyone wants to drink cold tea out of a can, so there are a few ways you can consume this product.

Hot Tea

You can always make this tea from scratch with either Taragui or Canarias. For those who want a homemade flavor then this route is probably for you. You’ll most likely be in need of a Gourd to start the process.

Gourd Set

Pill Form:

Let’s go old school, how about just adding another pill to your pillbox? If this is easier then definitely go this route, this way is way more cost-effective and probably a lot easier to remember. Source Naturals has a great version! Definitely check them out.

Yerba Mate Tea

In Conclusion

It’s 2022 and change is a great thing. Don’t be stuck in your old routine and give your body some well-deserved new fuel. Try this new energy drink, I think you will enjoy the newness of it all! As always if you have any questions please feel free to contact me here.

Stay Safe

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