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Documentary Aims to Spread Awareness of Prostate Cancer to Black Men

The selection of adult men diagnosed with prostate most cancers continues to maximize at an alarming rate. It is the third most common result in of demise from most cancers in adult males around the age of 75. African American adult men are the most at possibility to acquire prostate cancer—at any age—and die from the sickness.

The Silent Killer: Prostate Most cancers in the African American Local community explores the myths, fears, and concerns about the illness. It follows various adult men who are all battling prostate cancer, focusing on how they’re dealing with their diagnoses, what procedure they made the decision to go after, and how the sickness has afflicted their life.

Considering the fact that its release in 2017, the documentary has been screened all over the U.S., with instructional materials offered and even prostate most cancers testing on internet site for attendees. There have been Q&A classes as effectively the place adult men who reported they had been reluctant to show up at the screening ended up later on grateful for all the useful info.

“It helps make me truly feel good that our film really is educating males, that we’re achieving adult men, that we’re sparking dialogue for the reason that that’s what this is really about,” suggests Landi Maduro, the film’s director.

“When we screened the film at Good Hope Missionary Baptist Church in Houston, TX, Harris County Health Methods administered PSA checks for in excess of 200 guys and 22 of them came back with superior PSA amounts. And, Harris County agreed to treat these guys for free of charge.”

The movie even touched Maduro individually when about six months into the building of the film, her father was identified with prostate most cancers himself. She credits the know-how and analysis she acquired whilst developing the movie for assisting her father select his treatment method.

Ricco Ross, one of The Silent Killer producers who is also showcased in the movie, says his enthusiasm for increasing consciousness about prostate cancer ongoing to increase the moment the cameras stopped rolling. It’s apparent there is only one reply when he asks, “can a motion picture help you save a lifestyle?”

Get extra details about The Silent Killer and any future screenings listed here.

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