3 studies point the way to better treatment for traumatic brain injury

The National Institutes of Health supports scientific tests that glance for better ways to treat traumatic mind damage (TBI) patients.

Below are some recent findings:

Mental health and fitness challenges may possibly look after a head damage. About one in five people may possibly practical experience mental health and fitness challenges up to 6 months after a delicate head damage or concussion. Scientists located that at a few and 6 months after an damage, some people were far more possible to report depression and submit-traumatic strain disorder, or PTSD. These conclusions propose that observe-up treatment relevant to mental health and

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The Surfing Injury You Rarely Hear About: Surfer’s Ear

While just about every surfer has spun a tale or two about surf injuries—a board to the back again of the head, a hand sliced on a fin, a dislocated joint soon after a notably violent closeout—these accidents are in fact instead exceptional.

There is a surf illness much much more prevalent, much fewer mentioned, and likely significantly much more dangerous: exostosis (aka surfer’s ear). It is a dilemma that has an effect on close to just one out of just about every 3 surfers and, if untreated, can induce ache and significant listening to reduction.

The affliction is caused

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Advice for Managing Acute Kidney Injury in COVID-19 Patients

An Interview With Anitha Vijayan, MD

What your physician is looking through on

APRIL 23, 2020 — All through a recent webinar by the American Modern society of Nephrology, Anitha Vijayan, MD, professor of drugs in the Division of Nephrology at Washington University University of Medicine in St. Louis gave a presentation on the Useful Features of RRT in Hospitalized Clients with AKI or ESKD. We questioned her to share some of her insights with Medscape.

This job interview was edited for length and clarity.

What are the indications for renal alternative remedy (RRT) in sufferers with COVID-19?


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Prehab Stretches and Exercises to Prevent Pain and Injury

Athletes and really serious gymgoers know: Rehab is the backup system. The very best way to bounce back again from harm is to steer clear of it in the initial put. We’re talking about prehab… performing these stretches and strengthening and stabilizing routines typically observed in PT offices before you get wounded.

Study in the British Journal of Athletics Medicine discovered that preventive strength coaching reduce overuse accidents in 50 %. A different research discovered that incorporating hamstring-strengthening moves served soccer gamers decrease their risk of hamstring strains and tears by 51 percent. Accomplishing some of this preventative do the

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Build Shoulder Strength to Avoid Injury

The shoulder. It’s possible it is not the greatest style out there, but it does permit people today to do some fairly incredible matters. When you feel about which joints in the human physique are most vulnerable to personal injury, there is a wholesome competitiveness in between the shoulder and the knee for the top location.


But it’s not actually a good fight. The knee is a extremely sophisticated hinge-joint intended to offer with an crazy amount of drive in the frontal and sagittal planes inherent in flexion and extension of the joint. The knee includes a variety of

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