From Muscle Dysmorphia to Building a World-Class Set of Legs


Adam Bisek is a coach similarly at house in human being or on the web. He describes his job as the opportunity to improve life. To that end, he also believes that private teaching ought to be just as explained, private.



In this episode, we explore:


  • How muscle mass dysmorphia shaped Adam’s fitness journey
  • How he got viewpoint and located that his struggles have been actually a blessing in disguise
  • The importance of intention if you want to achieve results
  • How to make a earth-course set of legs


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This Former Marine Planked for 8 Hours and Set a World Record

How prolonged can you hold a plank for? For the reason that George Hood, a 62-calendar year-outdated previous marine, most likely just blew you out of the h2o. On Feb. fifteen, Hood held the pose for 8 hrs, fifteen minutes, and fifteen seconds. He broke the Guinness Environment Report for the longest plank.

In case you are asking yourself, that is more time than it takes to check out The Irishman 2 times, or the overall primary Star Wars trilogy. In accordance to a United states Nowadays estimate, Hood burned four,252 calories.

It wasn’t the initially time that Hood, who’s

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