Creatine – Mayo Clinic

Overview Creatine is an amino acid found typically in your body’s muscle mass as effectively as in the mind. Most people today get creatine as a result of seafood and crimson meat — nevertheless at ranges significantly underneath individuals identified in synthetically made creatine health supplements. The body’s liver, pancreas […]

Heart attack: First aid – Mayo Clinic

Contact 911 or emergency health-related aid if you assume you may possibly be acquiring a heart assault. Someone acquiring a heart assault might have any or all of the subsequent: Chest agony, stress or tightness, or a squeezing or aching feeling in the middle of the chest Suffering or discomfort […]

Cancer pain: Relief is possible

Cancer suffering: Relief is achievable Understand about what causes most cancers suffering, how it really is addressed, and what boundaries might stand in the way of ample most cancers suffering relief. By Mayo Clinic Employees Not everyone with most cancers has most cancers suffering, but some do. If you have […]

Vitamin B-12 – Mayo Clinic

Overview Vitamin B-twelve (cobalamin) performs an critical role in purple blood mobile development, mobile rate of metabolism, nerve purpose and the manufacturing of DNA, the molecules inside cells that carry genetic information and facts. Food stuff resources of vitamin B-twelve consist of poultry, meat, fish and dairy items. Vitamin B-twelve […]

DHEA – Mayo Clinic

Overview Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) is a hormone that your entire body obviously provides in the adrenal gland. DHEA aids develop other hormones, which includes testosterone and estrogen. Organic DHEA stages peak in early adulthood and then slowly but surely fall as you age. A synthetic version of DHEA is available as […]